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1st annual Basin CrossFit Intramural Open


1st annual Basin CrossFit Intramural Open



It’s that time again, the funnest and most exciting 5 weeks out of the year for Basin CrossFit. The 2017 CrossFit Open! The open allows so many opportunities for members. If you don’t compete in competitions that’s fine but you do miss out on a certain element of training, the open is that perfect chance to get the competition feel but doing in right here in your gym with your friends around cheering you on. For those of you who have competed in the open before, it always serves as a good reference to where you stack up in the fitness world and how much you have progressed from year to year. In previous years we have always had big turnouts on Friday night to do the wods. It was like a mini competition every week. This year were going to step up that “competition” feel a little bit with our first annual Basin CrossFit Intramural Open. The biggest thing I want to emphasize on this is that EVERYONE is able to compete in the open. There is scaled and rx divisions and the workouts are designed in a way to test your fitness efficiently without limiting anyone from participating, much like the brovember in house comp that we had.

There will be 4 teams created, each team will have a captain. Team captains will be announced Friday Jan. 6th in my Bright Spot Friday announcement. The Intramural open will have 4 parts. The draft, Recruiting, Competition, & the finale.

The draft: January 13th

The registration for the CF open is January 12th. All members that plan on competing AND have previously competed in the open either for Basin CF or another box need to register as soon as it opens. These athletes will be entered into our “DRAFT”. On friday night we will allow team captains to draft athletes one at a time using a randomized selecting order.


Recruiting: Jan 13th-Feb 22nd

The moment the draft ends, recruiting begins. Captains and athletes may talk, text, email, butter-up, bribe and any other method of persuasion to get athletes signed up on your team. Your registration to the Crossfit open is required for participation. These teams will not effect our scoring for CrossFit HQ. We will still be able to qualify for regionals as team or individual. We will cap teams off at 15 athletes. If all teams get 15 athletes, we will raise the limit appropriately. Each team will have a assigned fb group, once recruited the captain will add them to the group.



The CrossFit open will start on Febuary 23rd. Teams should be determined by this time. You may do the workouts in any scheduled class and do not need to be present with your team. HOWEVER, we are hoping to have the majority of you there for the evening class for the “Friday Night Lights”. It will be ran like a mini competition every week come cheer on all your friends, compete with your team, and have a great time.


  1. Teams are given one point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout
  2. Teams are given 3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 women or top 3 men in the gym per workout
  3. Teams are given 5 points if they win the “spirit of the open” award on any given week, including week 6.

This is where the real fun begins. Captains should be inspired to help there team win this award each week, it has the most points potential. Noise making, cheering, coaching, team chants, signs, team shirts,etc……all encouraged to take this event over the top.


In order to even the scoring we added a secret 6th week event that will take place Saturday April 1st. I won’t spoil the surprise for the whole competition yet. But know that after 5 weeks we will be tired of competing in metcons and crossfit stuff, expect some fun games and field events.  We will end it with a BBQ and announce the 2017 BCF Intramural Open Champions! Winners will have their team picture hung above the champion banner at the gym all year long.

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