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3 easy steps to stay on track with your nutrition this Thanksgiving


3 easy steps to stay on track with your nutrition this Thanksgiving

Fall has arrived. I’m not sure if its because we can start covering up with hoodies and jackets and throwing the swimsuits back in the summer drawer or if its a primitive action to prepare us for the brutal cold of winter, but it seems most diets are thrown to the wayside starting in the fall and full blown forgotten by the time we get into thanksgiving & Christmas, and then New years gets all the pressure as have to try and turn it all around with a resolution. Its not the time to throw up your hands and say forget it till the new year. With just a few small steps you can make it through this thanksgiving without completely derailing your nutrition.

  1. Eat frequent balanced meals

A balanced meal consists of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You want to have eat a balanced meal every 3- 4 hours. Plan these in around your main meal. If you’ve had a few meals already you will be less likely to                        overeat in the main sitting. If you plan on having your big meal around mid-afternoon then you should have already had 2 other small meals balanced in protein, carbs, and fats prior and do not feel a urge to overeat due to starving all day

2. Increase veggies with side dishes

Veggies are important in our diet, they are high in micronutrients. The help increase satiety, which is the feeling of “fullness”. This can be great in preventing us from overeating. They also help with digestion and absorption of nutrients, so as we will probably be eating more its good to include more veggies to help digest it all. Get creative for the holidays and make a special vegetable dish. Some of my favorite are a broccoli salad, Root medley, and baked sweet potatoes. Of course, when preparring these sides be sure to note the extra ingredients. A sweet potato can go from healthy to unhealthy real fast with the added ingredients such as sugar, marshmallows, caramel, etc.

3. Portion Dense carbs

Dense carbs are carbohydrates that are dense in calories. Particularly for thanksgiving, we have alot of options for sweets or desserts which are dense in calories and very low in nutrients. But with proper meal planning and a general healthy lifestyle with good nutrition habits it is ok to have your cake and eat it too. So this holiday were going to measure only 1 dessert (dense carb) and it will be about the size of your fist. After your balanced and frequent meals and all the veggies side you can handle. Allow yourself to enjoy one fist sized serving of whatever you like.


Following these simple habits will help you survive thanksgiving and keep you on track so you don’t end up in the group of people making another weightloss resolution at new years. Another little tip is to stay consistent with your workouts. Out of town? go for a run. Gyms closed? Do a park burpee/bench jump wod. That time when everyone else has to go sleep or lie around uncomfortable because they ate to much is a perfect time to squeeze a little bit of physical activity in.

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