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basins fittest games


basins fittest games

Basins Fittest Games partner series

Midlands first crossfit competition comes to the Midland Horseshoe Arena on June !st. The partner series competition will consist of 40 teams of (2). Male, female, and co-ed teams are allowed. Weightsd and movements will be scaled appropriatly for co-ed teams.

Divisions and reqirements

Only 1 division, partner team rx. We will not be running a scaled division, however we will be running a event that will be attainable by the average crossfitter. The elite will shine through in spped and athleticisim. If you are able to complete 80-80% of HQ programming rx then you will b able to compete in Basins fittest games.

Neccasary skills:
1.double unders
3.double ketlebell snatches/thrusters 53/35
4.clean and jerk 135/95
5.snatch 135/95
6.hang squat clean 155/115


$120.00 per team

Date and time

June 1st 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
register here :

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