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BCF coaches CF lvl 2 seminar experience


BCF coaches CF lvl 2 seminar experience

This last weekend Coach Jake and myself attended a CrossFit level 2 seminar. Cheri Chan, Dave Libson, Zac Pine, and Gabo were on staff that weekend and to say the least we were very lucky to have such an experienced and awesome group to guide us through this process. Jake has been a CF-l1 for the last 5 years. He started off just assistant coaching the first few years but in the last 18-20 months he has made the change to one of our regular coaches on Staff at Basin. My self, has been CF-l1 certified since 08′ before I opened BCF and took the level 2 course over 5 years ago. I’ve done several specialty and continuing education since then, but Affiliate owners are required to keep those credentials current so I was doing a re-cert. The reason I’m opening with our coaching history is because one of the most valuable things I learned from this seminar is that no matter how much you’ve done………the learning never stops. There is always room for improvement, and when you think you got it all……go back to the basics, and master it again. I’ve done some form of med-ball cleans, air squats, deadlifts, and all the pressing movements literally everyday of my life either through coaching or self workouts for the last 10 years. I’ve changed people’s lives based on the principles of correctly applying these movements. Needless to say I feel very confident in Jake’s or my own skills to perform them. Yet these coaches on the level2 staff still found ways to slice and dice my movement down to the faintest flaw to correct and make me better for it. It was humbling and rewarding at the same time. The level 2 course is based on the practical part of coaching. We didn’t spend time learning the philosophies and methods, we already know those. It’s all about developing the eye to see the slightest faults, knowing the cause, how to fix them, and then the best way to efficiently deliver that message to you to improve your fitness. 2 full 8 hour days, where we spent about 2 hours lecturing and the rest was spent coaching those moves over, and over, and over again. We probably did 1000 med-ball cleans and air squats and I pressed and deadlifted the PVC pipe until it felt like it weighed 400 lbs.

The standards set for us to meet this weekend were high. This was not a simply sit down and listen to the speech for the weekend. It was hands on coaching others in group and private settings, constantly changing of partners, changing of coaches, dealing with different scenarios, injuries, and cultures. There was time for stage fright or the slightest bit of hesitation as your thrown into the front of these groups and expected to make them fitter on the spot. I hear comments alot about how easy it is to get certified in crossfit. “you took a 2 day seminar and now your a pro?” is the stigma we hear most. The truth is, for me anything that I’m passionate about comes pretty easy because I’m enjoying the process. It can’t be hard if it’s fun. But the real test is who wants to actually help other first? That’s what coaching is about, we are here to serve you through fitness. I’ve seen many people sign up , fail, or make it through the process and discover that they have no desire to help people at all, they are there to help themselves……..that’s totally cool if you like that, BUT that is the difference. This weekend was not easy by no means. Drive 5 hours to spend 2 days in a warehouse doing countless bodyweight movements and having people tell you it’s not good enough. But you won’t ever hear me say it was hard, because I loved every second of it and couldn’t wait to get back and share my knowledge with the athletes. That’s the difference of a coach and someone who just has a certificate. Anyone who takes the time and puts in the effort at a level 2 course must have the passion to help others because I couldn’t think of any other reason to do so.

One of the proudest things that I’ve ever felt as a Crossfit coach  and owner was the positive feedback from the level 2 staff. Jake and myself by no means were perfect because I believe no one is, and like I said there is always room to grow more. But, I feel we had some pretty outstanding coaching performances at the seminar and according to some of our feedback, the level 2 staff agreed. We represented Basin CrossFit well. Coaching has always been the most important aspect of Basin CrossFit since the day I opened it. Like I said earlier, Jake has organically grown through our program through the years as first a member and then a slow process to a coach. He’s developed his style through my philosophies and standards. And other coaches at BCF have went through our very detailed shadow program and intern process.  All the practices and things we were shown this weekend were really a review for what we already have been doing and a testament to our program and culture at Bain Crossfit. Safety, efficiency, and efficacy!

Even though I had been through this course before, and it was just a good then as it was this time. A new little spark has been ignited in me to not only continue to further my coaching skills and career but to also train my staff to be the best coaches in our field. To give them the skills and the platform to develop their own style of help first and bring their own personal style and experiences in to blend and build our program. It’s not black and white and it doesn’t happen overnight but were building something special at Basin Crossfit and I’m happy to be a part of it. I have a goal to have all of our staff certified level 2 by 2018, I believe we have the most passionate dedicated coaches available and I know that this will only make our program that much better. As for Jake and myself, the level 3 will be the next big step. We plan on starting the application process very soon and having this done sometime next year. Thank you to crossfit for always preserving your program and advancing it into the future. And thank you to all our BCF members for allowing us to share this knowledge and skill set that we selflessly master over years to pass on to others and always help first.

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