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Brenda Harrison


Brenda Harrison


I got started in CrossFit after trying gym memberships and boot camps. My body wasn’t changing and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I then started CrossFit and decided to switch to Basin after I assessed I needed more coaching. I thought if I was going to keep doing high intensity workouts at my age, I needed coaches who would keep me from hurting myself.
My husband keeps me motivated. It’s kind of hard to whine when he is riding his bike 40-60 miles a day. My starting goals were just to get in better shape, now I’m focusing on my nutrition. My favorite CrossFit workouts are any of the weight training programs. CrossFit has changed my life. I now look at relationships in a positive way. I feel healthier and have more energy. I used to be a size 7 and now fit in a 1!! Even though my progress is slow, my husband encourages me and can tell a huge difference! I used to get very frustrated with what I couldn’t do compared to others. CrossFit has taught me to scale down and not be ashamed about it; to know where I am and work from there, not from where someone else is. You can not compare your progress to someone else’s.

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