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2 areas in a persons fitness journey where we really try to get the right tools in at the right time are in the very beginning between days 3-10, and around that 18-24 month period. Not that the rest of those times aren’t as important (for those of you who are), but your probably making progress on a pretty regular basis right now. If you’ve established a good foundation of movement and clear definition of your “why”, motivation is happening everyday as you see the results in the mirror, on the scale, and in the gym. But in the very beginning, those days of 3-10, some people really question if they want to keep this up. First its Day 2 of having to use the handicap restroom stall at work because your legs are too sore, or people asking you why your walking that way. Then its day 10 in the 3rd week when elements is done and group begins, and you haven’t had any visible progress yet and your still sore! We all know in hindsight, that constant leg soreness goes away and that we can’t imagine ever not using our legs in full range of motion again. But that day 10 question needs to be addressed a little different. This is the point where people have to make a decision, they have to set there Mindset first. If you haven’t read “Mindset” yet, click here and check out one of my best blogs ever. Thats a big part of our culture and program here at Basin Cf. But this story is about consistency. If they lose or never achieve mindset, then they will begin to skip out. When we are in-consistent at the gym, we are REALLY inconsistent in health and fitness. More on that to come, but this is the exact same thing we see in the 18-24 month group too. First year to year an a half you make super great progress and achieve things while having so much fun that you think why haven’t I always been doing this? But after you build a tolerance to post wod endorphin rushes, your Prs are measured in 4-5 month periods instead of weeks, and your 15-20 lbs of fat loss still doesnt have you looking quite as lean as you would like around the belly. You start to question why you work so hard. You start to skip………..see the pattern?

You cant skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s it, you really cant. BUT, you also don’t have to keep breaking yourself down or doing the EXACT SAME THING.

The constant is consistency, its “skin in the game”. And you need to build it up for the long game. Like I always say, If your not working towards wellness your getting closer to sickness. It’s a constant continuum.

What is consistent? Well to really be consistent you need to adopt the lifestyle. (that’s mindset) Consistently working out does bring you back towards wellness rather quickly if you were getting low on the opposite side. But it stays just as necessary when progress begins to slow down and your more on the wellness side of things. Working out also keeps you from getting UNHEALTHY, losing strength and mobility, and keeps you from getting fat. If you are healthy, haven’t lost strength and mobility, and not fat then you don’t need to try and attain them. Its not your goal. But you still got to work out so that you don’t become the person that came into the gym in the first place. Unless your goal is to push to a higher standard, which is totally ok. But inevitably it becomes a maintenance model where we start to focus on other much cooler goals like performance and mental challenges. Because when you reach a aesthetic goal, whats gonna keep you consistent? You can only lose 50-60 lbs one time. If you gained it back and lost again, we gotta go back to that mindset thing. You gotta change those goals. And performance goals will keep your health and fitness in check. Keeping you consistent. I’ve seen more people that are healthy and Basin Crossfit regulars lose and gain the same damn 20lbs every year for the past 4-6 years, Then I have seen lose the weight and keep it off. Thats not bad programming. Thats lack of consistency. Even if it your in the gym every day, we need consistency in your lifestyle habits. Overworked, not enough sleep, alcohol, stress, trans fats, sweets, etc……We all have crutches and unfortunately you can’t out work them in the gym.

We have a 3 x a week option at Basin CF. I’ll be honest, this is really intended for people to use a a part of a hybrid membership of group, personal training, and specialty classes. Or for those that really only can make it to the gym 3 x a week. If someone is new to fitness, 3 x a week is good starting point for a month or 2 but we really want to push that to more. Some people have a very active lifestyle outside of the gym. If this is you, your keeping up with your fitness through other modes of sports and play. I personally stay very active through training Bjj, walking the dog, riding skateboards, walking to the park with the kids and playing, hunting, hiking, trips on the weekends, throwing knives, shooting archery, meditation, and I squeeze in a long run here and there. So 3 days a week is the perfect blend for me to keep my fitness and not be too sore to do those other things. But i’m maintaining, and had I not been fit in the first place I probably would not love to do those things. We gotta get there to maintain it. And I spent alot of time building my mechanics in the beginning with consistency before I could adopt that schedule. But most people are not doing these things. With 3 days a week you have to be willing to admit that you are either maintaining your fitness because your schedule. Which is fine, its better then fine. Because your doing more than you would w/o a membership (or at a globo gym) But the extra $19 a month for the chance to get over 50% more fitness leaves the budget excuse pretty much busted.

The biggest problems with inconsistency in the gym is that when your not in the gym, most people go “anti-gym”. Meaning since there not there getting there training in, they completely destroy all other health and fitness options. No saturday morning workout? I guess we’ll go out friday night! No cardio for me? Guess we’ll order pizza again! Nothing to do after work? Guess we’ll drink a 12 pack. Food prep? why, i’ll just driv-thru _____……….see? inconsistency at the gym turns into Consistency with unhealthy lifestyle habits.

I want more consistency! And I want to help you get there. Maybe more class times will help, maybe helping you manage your time and priorities will help (im pretty good at that), maybe finding what you really like and turning it into a big “why” will help, or maybe just some direction to elicit change like diet, mobility, or lifestyle. I don’t know until you guys talk to me! Set up your goal setting session and give me a earful of what’s going on, because I want you to get the most out of your training. And we can start with being consistent! See you at the gym!

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