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Cynthia Corralez


Cynthia Corralez

Cynthia is one of our Basin CrossFit athletes! Here is her story:
cynthia BA
A little bit about when I first joined: I was a cardio girl, and kinda sorta weight trained (or so I thought), but mostly cardio. I had already lost 80 lbs on my own over the course of two years on weight watchers, and kept it off for about 4 years. By the time I joined basin, I was probably around 172. I had gained some weight just due to the fact that I wasn’t too strict with my diet. I was grabbing something from dollar general one day, since I lived nearby, and honestly I just saw a bunch of sweaty dudes with no shirts working out and thought I’d pop in for a look haha! My cousin and his wife were avid crossfitters and had been encouraging me to try it out, but I didn’t think I could hack it. I talked to Basin CrossFit owner, Jarret Jones,  for a few minutes and he convinced me to go back for elements training. I went back, started elements, and never looked back! Currently I follow a flexible diet, and was 155 at my lowest. Right now I hover between 158-160, since we’re in the middle of a strength cycle.

My performance and endurance when I started, compared to now, is like night and day! There are still so many things I am not able do yet, but I’m getting better and performing the movements and lifts with a purpose now. I just want to continue getting better. The changes in my body will come as a result of consistency in the gym and with my diet, so I’m not too worried about that.

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