Did you come for fitness or wellness? They are not the same, but can coexist. – Basin CrossFit
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Did you come for fitness or wellness? They are not the same, but can coexist.


Did you come for fitness or wellness? They are not the same, but can coexist.

Did you come for fitness or wellness?

Everyone has different reason for starting CrossFit.  There is the aesthetic goals such as want to lose fat and build lean muscle. The performance goals to get better, faster, stronger at their sport. There is health side that improves our quality of life. And then the community side that enjoys the company and gives us a sense of belonging in the tribe. All of these goals are great and none is better than another, sometimes these goals blend too. “I started CrossFit to lose weight but fell in love with competing” or “I started with my friends because they challenged me that I couldn’t, and now we visit other boxes on vacation together” So many reasons that you would want to start a fitness program. But what about your wellness?

I started CrossFit in 2010. I was already fit, so put me in the performance group. I was so fit that I once destroyed the gyms 5 disc cd player stereo system with my bare hands after missing a max rep deadlift…… I was fit……..but I was not well. My mindset was not right. I only wanted to perform at the peak moment all the time. And if I didn’t, rage would follow.

Fast forward 8 years to the present and you won’t find me punching through walls, bitching about performance, or crying after a workout. (Never did that last one, but I’ve seen it) In fact you won’t even hear me say a curse word during a max lift or intense wod these days. Why? Am I against swearing……..hell no 😉 If I’m trying to improve my wellness through fitness, why would I let the failure of the exercise further degrade the quality of the wellness?

Wait…… WHAT?!

It’s like this. Imagine your painting a picture, Its coming along beautifully and your work on it just enough every day to keep interest and fluidity of this masterpiece going along at a steady pace. Then I come along and tell you that if you wanted to make it better you needed to use the horse hair brush instead of the straw one you had been using. So you start trying the horse hair and you have some trouble with it. But instead of taking it easy and sticking to your tried and true steady and constant growth, you just start stroking harder and get more frustrated. First the interest of quality in the final product leaves as you lose sight of the beautiful painting and start worrying about the horse hair brush. Then the fluidity is gone as you start to force yourself to try harder every day. Mindset has changed, and the peak moment when you bleed happy trees into your calming clouds you have reached the end of your patience you yell out a big “F – this” throw the brush, kick the painting, and spill the paint. Masterpiece ruined, mindset is negative, and you are not well.

The picture is the literally “the big picture”. I’m talking about your wellness, your long game of health.  I didn’t realize when I was 26, how much that failed deadlift would have helped me when I was 34. Had I taken the time to learn I feel I would be even further along in my journey of life-long wellness. I didn’t have a coach back then, I never have. And it’s taken a lot of ruined paintings and trying a lot of different brushes to finally see that there is no end, and the journey is the reward. Fix that mindset and continue to positively push through every day. You’re doing awesome stuff, and if it wasn’t as awesome as you want…….well come back and do it tomorrow. Keep the Interest and fluidity of the masterpiece constantly moving forward.

-Coach J

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