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Do you ever just get tired of brushing your teeth?


Do you ever just get tired of brushing your teeth?

Do you ever just get tired of brushing your teeth? I mean first thing in the morning you gotta scrub a brush in and out of your mouth, then do it again at night before bed. It’s not a very natural thing to do……….But my guess is you probably don’t mind that much, huh? We know the benefits of brushing your teeth twice daily AND we know the effects of not brushing cant be painful, costly, and down right nasty. So we create habits. Easy, daily, short habits that we’ve ingrained in our bodies and minds so much that we can do it with out even opening our eyes sometimes.

But what about fitness? I hear it ALL THE TIME, oh “I’m feeling burned out”, or “I think I’m plateaued”.

During No sweat intros, people tell me all the time the things that they are currently or have previously been doing,. Starting crossfit is usually to break the monotony and “start something new” . Of course Crossfit is the solution to this problem, it’s why we keep “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities” all the time and the reason we put so much into the group experience so that you can sit back and enjoy the hard work without having to spend just as much time designing and motivating yourself. Different day, different wod…..everytime.

But I also hear this from members on occasion too. I get it. We come in and work our butts off and sometimes don’t see the results we want. It’s hard to keep working hard consistently when you don’t know why your doing it. That’s why we do goal setting sessions. With no goal, we have no direction. Maybe you don’t need to work harder, you need to work smarter. We moved 4-5 people in the last couple months from a regular “unlimited” program, to a 2 x a week crossfit + 2 x a week 30 minute PT session and seen great results. Most think that going from 6 x 60 minute classes a week to only 2 group classes + 2 x 30 minute 1 on 1 sessions would “not be enough”, but the difference is the intent. And having a coach focus directly on you and your goals. Training with a exact goal, purpose, and plan of action will yield better results in less time. If you would like to try something like this hit up coach

Maybe you don’t need to change your training, you need to train your diet. 6 week challenge starts this week, click here to sign up. And if your beyond the incubator……Hit Coach Jarret up for a advanced protocol at

If your not looking to change anything in your workouts and your diet is in check, maybe you need to take inventory on your consistency.

But back to the teeth brushing……..sometimes you just have to realize that fitness is something you have to always do. We don’t wait until we get cavities to brush our teeth, you cant just scrub them away.You have to brush everyday to PREVENT cavities. And even if you have the straightest, cleanest, biggest smile around…….the day you decide to stop brushing daily, your teeth will start to suffer. Its a continuum. Just like crossfits model of sickness to wellness, the less well we become the more sick we become, or vice-versa.

You shouldn’t wait until your already sick, weak, and unhealthy before you start working out. And if you’ve reached a state of consistency or complacency, you still have to keep doing it.

Now most people start out and see alot of results in the beginning, that because you have a long way to go. But as the weight loss slows down and the PR’s come less and less. You have to ask yourself what is your goal? I personally haven’t made a solid PR in over 2 years. But I’ve also came to realize that high performance fitness is not my main focus. I crossfit to stay healthy for a long, long, time. And while there was a time that 3-4 hours of workouts a day was something I enjoyed. I’m very happy to know that just staying consistent with movement for 30-60 minutes 3-4 x a week and following a varied program (like crossfit) will allow me to maintain my fitness for a long time, perhaps forever. I’m not saying Im peaked out and could never get better, that would not be true, we can always improve. Im saying im peaked out for the amount of work I have time for or want to do right now. The point i’m trying to make is that, if I just kept demanding more out of my body and wasn’t enjoying it, I would “burn out”. Which could lead to just quitting working out all together………which would lead to losing all the health and fitness I spent years developing. And then I would have to try and muster up the ethic and time to do all that work again, just to get to where I already was. Its a viscous roller coaster ride. And I’ve seen so many people in the past do the same. Work your butts off for 6-8 months, let one mishap like sickness, vacation, or work throw you off course. And then de-rail yourself so bad that you have to start off in a further place you originally came too.

Quit lying your yourself, your not burned out or plateaued. Your just trying to justify being lazy. Fitness is brushing your teeth. And you just have to do it everyday.It’s not always smiles, but it keeps the cavities away.

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