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FREE GUIDE – How to fuel your childs performance


FREE GUIDE – How to fuel your childs performance

Free Guide! How to Fuel Your Child’s Performance

It’s 4pm, you just picked your kid up from school and practice is in ½ an hour. You know he needs something to eat, but what? And how can you get him to eat it?
During tournaments, kids sometimes play three intense games in a single day–especially at the end of the tournament, when there’s more on the line. When kids get tired they hit a wall, performance stops and emotions start to rise. One unfocused quarter could cost the game or the tournament.
Little things matter.
Nutrition is a BIG thing. Many parents believe their kids can eat virtually anything without affecting their performance. Just look at the international kids menu available at every restaurant in the United States. Chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hamburgers, or mac and cheese all served with French fries or potato chips or the quick convenient store run to grab a sugary sports drink and a granola bar. When it comes to feeding your child for performance, these highly processed foods are way too loaded with sugar and other performance robbing ingredients. As a coach, I can testify to just how wrong they are.


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