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(10min) Obstacle Course to Warmup

As a group, Jog 200m.

Then, have a mini obstacle course laid out that includes:

A ladder for Running Drills

Boxes to Step/Jump on/over

PVC Pipes on Boxes to perform Under/Overs

* Create 2-3 different versions and switch after they do 1-2 rounds of each. For the first round, keep the drills in a straight line — step ups and minimal jumping. Then add some more Lateral movements, change of direction and jumping as they get warm.

(5min) GHD Prep

Do a quick GHD Situp Review if needed, then perform:

5 x Half ROM GHD Situp — at the end of each set, have them do a 10sec Pause at their end position.

5 x Full ROM GHD Situp — QUICK SCALE: Stick with the Half ROM + Pause if they are unable to do these proficiently.

Wod prep

(10min) Running Prep for Workout

In Partners, perform Banded Resistance efforts:

4 x 50m Each — one person holds a thick band around their partners waist and resists them trying to run as hard as they can for the first half of the effort, then they loosen it up and allow them to run a little faster for the remaining part. Make sure people partner up with similar strength.

Rest is both people walking back to the start of the 50m.

Run a hard 200m to get their heart rate up and prepped for the Workout.


Metcon (Time)


Run 400m

21 GHD Situps

Run 400m

Rest 5min

3 Rounds

Metcon (Time)


Run 400m

15 GHD Situps

Run 400m

Rest 5min

3 Rounds

Metcon (Time)


Run 400m

15 Anchored Situps

Run 200m

Rest 5min

3 Rounds


Metcon (No Measure)

Every 30s for 10 minutes:

2 false grip pull ups, 1 strict muscle up, 2 ring dips

– This is to be done without letting go of the rings. Consider doing one rep every minute if you are still developing the strict muscle up.

For quality:

25 Hip extensions

25 Back extensions

25 Hip & back extensions

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