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Gilbert Ornelas


Gilbert Ornelas

I started at Basin CrossFit in September 2016 in the “New You” challenge. I was really scared going in, but I have recently made major changes in my life regarding my health. Weight loss has been a major problem for me all of my life. Having gone through molestation as a child, drug abuse as a young man, a divorce, becoming a single dad of 4 kids and all the stress that comes with it made me gain so much weight. Using food as a comfort, I ballooned to 464 pounds. 

In June of 2016,  I had a vertical gastric sleeve performed on me. I was in very bad health,  losing my breath just to take a shower or tie my shoes and not being able to work as much anymore. I wanted to get some mobility and to be active enough to enjoy time with my kids. I started my weight loss journey in April with a pre-op diet at 464 lbs. My surgery weight was 444lbs on June 17th. I know my surgery is only a tool and will only help so much. I wanted to find an exercise program that would help me lose the weight that my surgery would not.

When I started at Basin CrossFit, I was weighing in at 377 lbs. The trainer (Kyle) was very supportive and taught me how to do the movements in a safe manner and in a way that fit my fitness ability. I was so scared going in and those fears went away almost immediately because of the staff and ownership, but most importantly the members who gave me so much encouragement and support. I have been improving so much in my fitness ability and I  have even been able to go back to work full time due to my increased strength, mobility,  and stamina. Basin CrossFit has definitely given me the tools to continue with my weight loss journey and helped my overall health and quality of life. As of February 27th,  I was weighing 325 lbs. Down 139 total pounds, with 52 pounds down since starting at Basin CrossFit!!!  My goal weight is 165 lbs and I know that with Basin CrossFit, surgery,  and my diet change, I WILL REACH MY GOALS! I would invite and encourage anyone who is wanting to make that change in their life to contact Basin CrossFit. Come watch a workout and see this 40 year old, 325 pound, single father of 4 do the work outs.  If I can do it ANYBODY can do it!!!

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