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Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Goal setting and achieving is a big part of our program at Basin CrossFit. From the first time you walk in for a no sweat intro were asking you what your goals are and writing them down. We want to have a way to measure your success! And we want to give you the goals that YOU want, not someone else’s. We follow up every 3 months with a free 20 minute goal setting session to see how you are progressing. We have a big chalkboard in the middle of the gym where we write our goals for everyone to see. Every time a goal or a Personal record is achieved we hit the gong to celebrate and everyone chimes in. Each small celebration and little clap of support builds up to the big picture of a healthy community we have here at Basin CrossFit. Measuring and recognizing success is important and it starts with establishing what your goals are. Set up your free goal setting session!

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