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Group Training

The group classes are a great way to improve your fitness and get the added benefit of a positive and encouraging atmosphere. To make sure there’s a right fit for all ages and fitness levels we run 3 different fitness level workouts to choose from in each class, Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All workouts will have the same outline and follow the crossfit principles of variance, intensity, and functional movement but will vary in strength, speed, and skills to fit the individual’s personal fitness level. Group classes are all lead by certified CF-l1 coaches, we pre-register and cap the class size to ensure everyone gets one on one focus and attention. Classes run 60 minutes in length which includes warmup, exercise prep, skill or strength building, workout, and cool down.

2x Week

$120 per month

Unlimited CrossFit

$165 per month

3x Week

$144 per month

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