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Its getting hot in here. So take off all your……….


Its getting hot in here. So take off all your……….

Wow, it’s hot right now. It’s so hot. I get asked all the time about the air conditioning, and it is what it is guys. That’s not me being mean, and its not an old hard ass coach trick to make young boys into men. (that’s what my jiu-jitsu coaches use to tell me) The truth is I do cool the gym to the best I can. In fact out electric bill goes up about $500 more than average this time of year every year. But the things we do don’t allow us to keep it cool. There’s about 75 people that walk through the door everyday and come in to suck up the air and transmit their body heat. Remember how hot it would get during our old christmas parties (the infamous ones) We would have people in thier dancing and sweating up a storm in the middle of the damn winter.  Lots of people working hard creates lots of heat. The a/c is set to come on at night to try and cool the building to the best we can from the heat in the day. We close the blinds during the day to keep the sun out, and we keep the fans moving that air around the best we can. But we gotta open those doors for some air flow and any day its over 100 degrees that air feels like a blow dryer. Were still gonna run outside, were still gonna do ALL the things we normally do. And it’s gonna be hot. This is not a Basin Crossfit thing either. This is a global thing for all boxes. Most are even worse being in big warehouses that literally turn into ovens during the day. I remember the last time we had a nasty heat wave like this about 4 years ago, where it reached about 115 one day. I used to run a 4:00 kb class and it was so nasty in there I couldn’t even grip the kettlebell anymore due to the sweat pouring from my body.

Now the heat is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. In fact the heat we are expecting this summer is one of the main reasons I decided not to run the kids class in the evenings this summer. It’s just to hot for them. Kids don’t understand when it’s time to stop and get a drink, nor does their bodies cool off as efficiently as adults. I’m going to share some tips and a link of what to be aware of and signs of heat exhaustion. But first I just want to tell you all how awesome all you west texans are for living in this type of weather and how it makes us stronger. I have some examples.

I’m in a group of other crossfit business owners and yesterday our facebook group was filled with peoples horror stories about Murph. Apparently the rest of the world is suffering from this heat wave too. 2 specific stories of a guy in minnesota and women in canada where people are actually still hospitalized right now from mondays murph experience. One guy in a competition fainted while in first place with 400 meters to go, and his kidneys are not functioning correctly right now. When I was hearing of these stories I thought wow, how hot is it there. Want to take a guess? 100 degrees (record breaking)

Everyone of you hit that murph monday with temperatures well over 100 and I seen a couple of beers guzzled down afterwards! Now I truly feel sorry for those men affected. But man, 100 degrees? That’s normal around here. We have adapted to our surrounding and west texans could live on the damn sun! 2 years ago me and Fonz Garcia ran 100k ultra-marathon in the phoenix arizona desert mid october. People come from all over the united states to run in the “javalina hundred”. Well, along came a abnormal heat wave bringing the temperature to the high 90’s. Now I was definitely a novice in the ultra running world. But about 6-7 hours in things started getting nasty. People were passing out of heat exhaustion, the rest stations ran out of ice, and people were being airlifted out. I remember being all alone out in the middle of this dry ass hot land 20 miles from anything, when a park ranger pulled up in a 4 wheeler with a picture of a missing person they were trying to find. That’s when I knew it was serious. I had a lot of things going on in my head like damn my feet hurt, im tired, how much longer. BUT “its hot” never really crossed my mind. I had been running about 30 miles a week in that west texas sun and I was adapted. Hell I even had people trying to stop me going out on my second leg because I didn’t have a shirt on. “your gonna burn” they said. I laughed at that one, I never wear a shirt to work out. lol. And the heat never really affected me. We adapt. We are awesome, And if the world crashed into the sun and crisped over, west texans would have a shiner bock and roast some damn barbacoa tacos because we’re awesome!!!! Keep that in mind when you don’t want to go the gym because “its too hot”.

Stay safe and be tough out there! To read more about heat stoke prevention and care check this link here.

Suns out guns out baby!!!!!

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