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Jake Hantz


Jake Hantz



This is Jake Hantz. He’s been a loyal member of Basin CrossFit since it’s beginning. Check out his story & transformation!

My transformation started with crossfitting 3 times a week and then following a nutrition plan designed for me by Coach Jarret. I saw more results as I began to eat right, but I became more and more motivated each time I stepped on the scale and looked in the mirror. When it gets tough, I am able to stay true because I don’t want to go back to where I had been.
In the pictures on the right, I was weighing 268 lbs. My initial goal was to get that number down to 225 lbs. Then it dropped to 215lbs and then it dropped again! I started to see the difference in the mirror and on the scale. After I passed my starting goal, my goal changed to be 200lbs at 7-8% body fat and stay there!
My new goal is to maintain this healthy life style. I use the scale and mirror as a tool to see where I’m at. Now it’s more centered around PR’s (personal records) and performing better every day. My weight is easy now to maintain, but staying on track nutritionally is definitely the hard part.  Getting here was easy compared to maintaining a consistent die,t but I’m motivated daily by continuing to strive to be better.
Since starting at Basin CrossFit, I have become a better person, athlete, friend and husband. Living a healthier lifestyle makes for a better you! I have made some awesome friends that share a common interest and that doesn’t come often!
My favorite workout is a CrossFit benchmark workout: Fran (21-15-9 Pull-ups & Thrusters). When I was weighing 268lbs it was taking me between 4 and 5 minutes. Now I am able to finish this workout in 2 min and 24 seconds!

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