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Just one won’t hurt………..or help


Just one won’t hurt………..or help

You’ve heard it before…….”c’mon, one wont hurt”. That one-liner from your peers that packs more persuasion then any other line in history. Iron will is always tested by peer pressure. And guess what? They are right!


That’s right, I said it. They ARE right. One oreo wont hurt you, one skipped day at the gym won’t matter, and a occasional alcoholic drink won’t derail you (at least not your fitness). Hell I’ve done all 3 several times this year. And I’m sure you did too. But it’s just ONE thing amongst an entire lifestyle of good things. If I overstuff my face once a month, thats 12 out of a estimated 1,200 meals……..that’s 1 percent………..and that’s extremely exaggerated because I don’t eat that much pizza. But what if I did, and then I went to a fast food burger place once a month, and took my wife out to a nice dinner once a month (with some cheesecake or something for dessert), oh and we have 2 birthday parties this month. What about those stops at stripes for something to eat when i’m on the road? Oh yeah, and then sneak a candy bar or bowl of ice cream in for a solo guilty indulgence about once a month because “you deserve it”. And viola,  1% has changed to well over 10-12%. That will undoubtedly cause some unwanted fat gain. At the very least, it will halt all progress in fitness and lead towards the dreaded and notorious “plateau” that then wonders down the road of “burnout”. Then the more bad you eat, the less good you eat. So the nutrients that were keeping you healthy, growing lean muscle,and transporting important vitamins and minerals throughout your body or the ones keeping your brain thinking, and enduring your positive attitude that keeps you it the gym has been traded out for cheap processed fuel that requires more activity just to not be stored into a love handle!!

One does not matter………but “ones” always add up!!

Let’s look at the other side of the table, Ones also don’t matter in training. One workout will not make you better, in fact it’s more likely to make you worse. Training is a stress, and results are what happen when you adapt to the stress to make it easier. Weights are heavy……OVER TIME you gain muscle by struggling to pick them up…….now there not as heavy anymore. But that one workout was just heavy and beat you up.

One “new” exercise won’t help either. You know……..the special one, on that video on the special internet site that’s a secret, but actually shared for free and available to everyone in the world? Yeah that ONE won’t help you either. But maybe a skilled practice of intent will.

Again……several “ones” add up, and THAT could leads to results.

Too much oreos and skipping the gym leads to bad results

But focused training and self discipline bring good results

What are your ones? Are you keeping the bad ones down to 1% so they are drowned out by the positive decisions? Are you making the good ones a consistent daily or weekly habit to get the intended results?

Here’s a exercise:

Write down ALL your nutrition 1’s for this month so far. Every single thing that right before you put it your mouth you had that thought “I shouldn’t eat this, but it’s just one (or one time!)”. Now pick the 2 most important ones on the list to you. Maybe it’s date night, bday, holiday, whatever. Pick 2. Now plan those 2 foods into a event in the coming month. Now everytime you are presented with a negative “one” opportunity to eat something bad, just remember the awesome “one” you have planned coming up. Now you have some ammo for the situation. A Lot of times we are not craving the bad food, but it is presented either in a social situation we were not prepared for or we are caught hungry with no plan. Knowing that this is not your best “one” opportunity and just putting a little focus on how much this actually happens can make a huge difference. Taking away negative “ones” could lead to a massive reduction in refined carbs and calories at the end of the month which can have great benefit to fat loss……..like I always say, “without even being on a diet!”

Next write down your biggest glaring weakness that you know you should be working, but you just don’t for whatever reason. A common one is core stability. We work a lot of core in the gym, but if your core strength is a little behind it can be hard to catch up. Most of the time people with this issue will hit the ghd for about 50-100 sit up reps ONE day, guess what happens the next day? They are so sore they cant stand up straight for a week! Then they vow to never do that again. Obviously this person did not build the core up in that one session, and maybe actually made it worse. So pick 2-3 exercises that will help whatever your weakness is. (use #LM or ask your coach to help identify these) and then spend no more than 10 minutes on it 5 x a week. Before class, after class, at home, at work, in the backyard it doesn’t matter just get it done. This 10 minutes will lead to about 3.5 hours of focused work at the end of the month. Honestly, that’s more then alot of you crossfit in a week! How much results would a extra weeks worth of specific practice add to your weakness in month get you? ALOT……..a whole lot.

So take your ones and add em up. MAke the positive ones a majority and drown the others out with good decisions.




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