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About a year ago my husband, Rodney, got his CrossFit Level 1 crtification with the help of CrossFit Fit For The Cross.  We had been going to CrossFit FFTC for about two years at that point, and Rodney had been coaching a strength program and filling in for the coaches as needed.  He had a passion for coaching and helping others, so when the opportunity came up to coach, he jumped.  Once he got his L1,  Christine Schumann had let him know that Basin CrossFit was looking for coaches, as a few left to Austin and another was expecting a baby.  He had wanted to make the jump, but the cost of the membership was not in our budget.  We went to Basin for a few weeks, and joined in September.  It was such a different vibe, and I really enjoyed myself.  I was so afraid to come to Basin, since they are known for their strength, and I always felt my lifts weren’t heavy enough to “fit-in”.  Once I came, it was clear that this was a new family that I wanted to be a part of.  I will always go to CrossFit FFTC because they are family, but I am certainly enjoying the new family and friends we have made here!

When I first joined Basin CrossFit I was very timid.  I knew that I excelled at the most random movements (I mean who can do strict Hand Stand Push Ups but can’t clean 95#), but I was not accustomed to the amount of core work we were doing or the prescribed weight.  I had just had my third little one and I wanted to make sure I was healthy and setting a good example for my children on the importance of exercise and being fit.  It was such a juggling act trying to get my home life to mesh with working out, but when I have a goal, I have to get it!  My husband would go to the gym at 5:30pm and I would run around town picking up kids.  I would show up at 6:25pm, we would switch out and I would work out while he took the kids home.  It was hard. Then Rodney started to go to the 5:30am class and I now go at noon.  This made it easier to care for our kids and spend time with them as well!

The biggest obstacle for me is getting out of my own head.  In the beginning,  I never “wanted” a big weight on my lifts and I never “wanted” to enter the pain cave because it was easier not to.  There are so many things I do not excel at and I was embarrassed to try them.  Because I have found friends who continue to push me to do better and are never laughing at me (though mostly with me) I now want to hit those PR’s. I want to fail a lift so I know what I need to get better, and I am willing to enter the pain cave because Aly Smith will not let me quit.  It’s an amazing feeling to have a gym cheer you on and push you hard.  My other “obstacle” was feeling like I was putting the gym before my kids.  I felt like by the time I got home they were about to go to bed and I didn’t have time with them.  Rodney and I decided to go to the 5:30am and noon class so that we made sure we were being active and being present parents.

With our schedules figured out and through my consistency in training, my body is slowly changing.  I look at pictures of me a year ago, and I see the difference in my body.  After having three kids, I realize my body will not look like it did when I was in college (and it shouldn’t.  I baked 3 babies in this oven!).  I see definition in places that I had never seen before and its fun!  My husband is so good about making sure that I know that my muscles are beautiful and sexy.  He sees my stretch marks from having our little stinkers and lets me know not to feel uncomfortable with them.  They are a part of me.  I also see that with hard work, I am to lift weights that were once out of the question in my mind.

When I first joined Basin, I had goals that for me seemed completely out of reach.  I wanted to lift more and I wanted to get better at body weight movements.  My goal was to increase all of my lifts 5-10 lbs.  To date I have done it, but I can honestly say it was with the support of the noon class and the encouragement I get.  It makes a huge difference to have support and people who want you to get better for you. My initial goal when joining was to come in, get the workout done, and go home.  I wanted to make sure I checked that off my “task” list of the day so I could say I did it.  Now, I want to go to the gym to get better.  It is no longer a checkmark on a list; in fact, CrossFit has become my sanity during a busy day.  On the days I cannot make it I feel awful.  I also want my kids to see fitness as something that makes you happy and is worth the time and work.  I want my kids to understand that being functionally fit will always be a priority. It is the most rewarding thing in the world to be a mother.  It is even more rewarding when my kids want to work out and stay active.  It is not easy to balance without help and encouragement!  I came to be a better me and I stay to be a better mom! It is definitely hard to do with kids, but it is not impossible.  I want people to be able to see our family and think, “If they can do it with three kids, so can we!”

My favorite thing about Basin CrossFit is that we are able to have a great time encouraging each other.  It is all about community in the end.  There are things that I am good at and things I am not, but at the end of the day I always feel like I have friends to push me and who I can push too.  I love that I am surrounded by people who want to be fit, want to be strong, and want to have fun! I totally recommend BCF!  It is a great place to get fit, make friends, and find family.

Pregnant with my second child (September 2012)

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This year at Basin CF

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My Kiddos!! My reason!! My “why”!!

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