May 10 – Basin CrossFit
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May 10


May 10

Now we got some competition going on, 7 teams signed up last I checked and not all BC athletes either. Maybe, just maybe we can all enjoy this competition and build a community of health and fitness here in west texas! I see you guys all trying those partner hspu’s on the weights now. That’s a awesome exercise thrown in the mix. We’re gaining new members everyday and were adding new classes. Keep making a demand and i promise you BC will fill it. It’s summertime! Feels great outside. Run, run, and run some more. I know, I usually hate running but don’t be a hermit. Get outside, strip those clothes off and run like you ain’t ran before. It feels good. And even better when you see how much your gas tank improves on your metcons just by adding some road work. The ladies are hitting the 4:00 kettlebell and rowing classes like beasts. Full class on wedensday, lets do it again tomorrow!!! Friday marks the day we begin a full week of benchmarks. We’re hitting all the crossfit ” girls” starting with Elizabeth tomorrow.


Strength: push press 4×5 @ 75%
Then a accumulation of 45 reps of pull-ups. Advanced guys are shooting for 21-15-9 unbroken butterfly’s w/ as much rest in between as needed. If you can’t to 5 strict unassisted pull-ups don’t even think about Kipping, butter flying, or anything. Get those bands out and hit it strict the correct way.
Xtra strength:
Jerk, max for the day
80% of that 3×2

Conditioning: “Elizabeth”
Cleans 135/85
Ring dips

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