May 7 – Basin CrossFit
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May 7


May 7

Tomorrow our friends at complete nutrition will be coming out to set up a table and give out some samples of different supplements for the 6:30 class. Get in there a little early so it has time to hit you for the wod, AND, that’s a good time to get in the xtra strength work done. The xtra strength work that’s ON THE BOARD! Not random yeti max attempts. Everyone is getting excited about the competition, find your partners guys and get signed up. Everyone at the gym has the ability to compete in at least the scaled division. Man the new mats are nice!!!! I did some burpees and didn’t feel gross afterwards or like someone was gonna drop a weight on my head. Lol. I’m gonna drop a little tidbit for you guys on the workouts next week, we’ve never done this before and I’m pretty amped up about it. Starting this Friday all through next week we will do a benchmark girl after our strength work. And if you notice that new blank white board on the wall, that will be the leader board for all the top benchmark scores and lifts. Time to fill it up guys! Everyone should strive to get on the board for something. Yes the intensity will be high!

Hey we no have 3 pregos at basin crossfit hitting wods daily. That is awesome!!! Definatly got me stepping up my game as a trainer. I won’t say who they are but you will all be able to tell soon enough, my goal is to have them hitting wods safely and effectively all the way through the 9 months. You know who you are ladies, we got this. I guess I’ll lay off on the dead baby ball slam jokes………….no not really. It’s a pretty funny joke. Hahahaha

Rowing and kettlebells at 4:00 Monday / wedensday/ Friday this is a awesome class!!!! Cardio strength and a little twist for a wod, the kb’s will build your core and sit your weight back on your heels like you never have before. Come check it out. See you guys tomorrow.

Ps. Buy a damn jump rope and take care of it. it’s a very personal tool that needs to be your own plus a few xtra Double unders in your free time never hurt no one. And don’t get them from academy, go here.

Strength : snatch 4 x 1 @ 70%
Back squat 5 x 3 @ 75%
Xtra strength work
C& j 4×1 @ 70%
C. Pulls 3×3 @ 90%
C. DL 3×3 @ 100%

400 meter run
50 air squats
25 kb swings 53/35
30 air squats
15 kb swings
15 air squats
10 kb swings
400 meter run
Rest 1:00
100 double unders

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