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In crossfit we use a pyramid diagram to explain the hierarchy of fitness. I’ve used this diagram to compare many different analogies in fitness over the years. From “how to get abs” to defining “intensity”. The base of the diagram starts with nutrition, just like your fitness journey should follow. Then we build some aerobic capacity in the next level which is “metabolic conditioning”. After we are able to move, we need to control our bodies through movement. That’s the next level, gymnastics. Then we can start to add a external resistance to that body control, which is weightlifting. And finally at the top, for the select few who choose. There is sport. But today I want to talk about the step that’s not in the pyramid, but perhaps should be. Mindest. If nutrition is the base. Then mindset is the ground, the roots, the base of rich soil for which we can grow our pyramid of fitness. With a wrong mindset, you may be able to start building your foundation. But when something changes in the soil it’s an earthquake of a disaster. And you are only left to rebuild again.

Your mindset controls your perception. How you perceive something determines how you will react to the stress you are setting yourself up for. Working out is stress, you are breaking down body movements in order to tear down muscle in a attempt to rebuild it stronger than before. This is stress. If you have a negative perception then that will be the reaction to your workout. More often than not, this reaction behavior is the same reaction you will have to other stresses related to your life. Work, social, family, etc.

Perception is 9/10 of the law. Lol. Not how we normally hear that, but its true! We wake up in the morning and chaos starts to set in fast. You wake up from a deep sleep and are jolted into activity. Maybe that was from a annoying alarm clock. Some of you start the day with a workout, some don’t. Some start with breakfast, some don’t. Some of us “must” have coffee before any real functionality or creativity happens (this is me) But one thing is for sure. We have lots of ideas, perceptions, and emotion as we go through our morning process. If 90% of those thoughts are negative, guess what kind of mindset you will have? And when your mindest is negative in the morning, guess what kind of day you will have. And what about those around you? Will their day be made better by your offput attitude, I highly doubt it unless you hang with enemies all day……..which leads to whole different negative mindset.

All these emotions and thoughts going through your brian is what sets your mindset. And once it is set, it is set for everything you do. Bad work day, bad workout, bad relationships, bad self reflection, just a bad day over all. But the workout is alway the thing that gets put off. You often can unhappily grind through work without blowing up on someone, you can see through arguments with people just to get past it, but when its time to leave work and hit the gym after 8 hours of negativity guess what happens? It gets cut completely and traded for a bowl of ice cream or a few glasses of wine. Or maybe you try to “push through” but your lack of motivation is the cause for more negative grind and now you feel worse……..no one can keep that kinda action up for long. Again, we have to work, we need relationships, but the one thing that we really need for health and happiness is some fitness. And unfortunately that’s the one that our mindset and willfulness has the power of choice on. What will you choose?

Start changing your mindset from the moment you wake up! We just have to change our perception! what if those 9 negatives were positives? Oh man it would change the day. It would change your workout. It would change your fitness. And it would improve you! You get to wake up today! You have a job! Your kids are crazy AND healthy! You love the soreness in your arms telling you that you worked them! You love bacon! Whatever it is that you do in the morning, attack with all you have. Be the biggest version of yourself today and change your perception. Your mindset will make it easy!

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