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Well it was nice seeing all of you back hard at it on saturday, havent had a full house on saturday in awhile. Is this a sign that were all ready to start kicking major ass? I hope so. We will be discussing the zone/paleo diet model sometime, probably next saturday but ill let you know a for sure date. This is the missing key in alot of your guys fitness. You all come regularily and you know you work hard but maybe you havent quite got to that level you want. Maybe its performance or maybe is appearence, doesnt matter. Because the open is coming and we all want to perform well and then spring break is coming and we all want to look good naked, right? So this will do both for you. Yes you will have to give up alcohol and fast food. Yes you’ll have to cook and weigh some of your food out on a scale. Yes it gets annoying after awhile but it wont be forever (except the fast food part) and the things your going to learn about your personal nutrition will stick with you for the rest of your days and nutrition will no longer be the lacking factor in your life. Also you all know alexandra, if you dont well then now would be the time to introduce yourself. Especially if your having some muscle soreness issues. She is a licensed massage therapist and she has a table set up at the gym. So after toasting your legs tomorrow with snatches, front squats, runs, box jumps, and upside-down chinesse leg pullups it might be nice to get a massage to push out that lactic acid and help aid in recovery for the next day. And the showers are 1 step closer to being finished……….now that i think about it some of you sweaty ass motherfuckers should probably shower before trying to get a message. Thats just nasty. Anyway, hit up alexandra for massages and get your ass to the gym everyday!!!!!

3-stop clean + 1 jerk x 5
3-stop snatch x 3
snatch 3×1 (submaximal, work on speed and technique. NO MAXES)

front squat 5×5 hap
strict hspu 5 x me (if you do more then 20 add a weight vest or something)

3rounds for time (10 minute cap)
run 200 meters
10 push jerks 135/95
12 box jumps
10 cleans 135/95


100 upside down chinese leg pullups for time

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