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This is a trial run at the new programming that starts on September 1. Time is extremely important and there will be no time to lollygag. Extra work must be done between 5-6pm or stay afterwards but I highly recommend that it gets done before the class starts. It’s about 30 minutes of work. I know you all have lives outside of crossfit but for those few of you that want the extra level might find benefit in doing the extra work as a separate session (did I just issue two a days!?!) along with working you weaknesses and skills. If you can’t, don’t, or won’t, no worries. I won’t judge you.

Extra work : 5:00-6:00
Snatch – 15 minutes to hit 5-8 singles 80-90% (DO NOT EXCEED!!!)


10 minute EMom
First 5 minute x 3 hang snatch (perfect reps working on technique & speed, go heavy as perfectly as possible)
Next 5 minutes x 3 custom accessory (this is dependent on your prior lifts, work the pull or position that broke first in your singles)
*if you don’t know what to do here I can help but most of you will be hitting either snatch Deadlifts, high hip snatch, or snatch balance

Group warmup : 6:00 – 10 minutes

EMom – 10 minutes
Evens – 20 second hollow body rock / 20 second table top stretch
Odds – 20 second hollow body plank / 20 second kip throughs

Strength: back squat 10 x 5 @ 60% (25 minutes)

Conditioning: (9 minute cap) scale weight accordingly to finish before the cap!!!
Power clean x 15 135/95
Wall balls x 20
Pistols x 30

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