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We’ve finally made it!!!!! It’s test week! There will be one max effort lift every day this week. If you only want to work that lift for the day your more than welcome to take the whole class time on it, for those of you who would still like to do a wod there will be one posted and we will start it 30-45 minutes into class time. Also I will be posting some mono structural extra work that’s meant to be as a recovery from the lifts. If your really going to be pushing some heavy weight this week but still want to get your heart rate up without the intensity of a wod then I recommend doing this after your max or at a different class time. The lift schedule will go as follows:
Monday – back squat
Tuesday – snatch
Wedensday – clean & jerk
Friday – front squat

Back squat 1rm

50 kbs 53/35 buy in +10 minute Cindy + 50 burpee buyout

Xtra work: aerodyne
3:00 warmup
3:00 moderate
Rest 2:00
20w/10r x 10 rds
Rest 2:00
5:00 hard

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