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Box jump matrix: 3 attempts at each jump (warm up reps as much as needed)
1.Flat footed for height
2.Approach for height
3.Kneeling hop+ broad jump for distance
4.Drop jump (no measurments here, just causally drop from a small height and jump onto a box minimizing the time your foot spends in contact w/ the ground….speed!!!!)
5. Kneeling lunge jump (from lunged knee on ground position, drive thru heel and explode unto a bow with one leg)

5 rft*
Front squat x 10 135/95
HSPU x 7

*5 burpee penalty for breaking before exercise reps are complete, the point is to go unbroken not gameplan your rest and burpees. Rest efficiently before moving to next exercise and try to keep heart rate down. Scale weight accordingly to follow this plan.

Extra work:

Snatch pull + hang snatch + sn. Balance x 4
Snatch x 7 singles no more then 80% (no misses)
Btn jerk + overhead sq x 4

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