Monday – Basin CrossFit
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Back squats
5 x 3 @ 75%

3-4 sets
Good mornings x 6
WTD ghd sit-ups x 10

*Efficiency work:
Box jumps 3 x 25

Calories (row or aero)

Extra work:
18 singles @ 70%
Snatch pull 3 x 4 @ 70%
Front squat x find heavy triple

*this week starts a new cycle on strength and extra work, we will also be adding the “efficiency work”. This is to prepare us for the open, I’ve chosen some movements that we need to be doing unbroken and efficient to get us through the wods faster. You can scale the movement to the level that you can perform it unbroken and with perfect form. Also decide on the style that you will be performing these movements and don’t change them, just become more efficient. IE: box jumps you can choose to rebound or step up, you can also choose the way you do this such as which foot first, where to pause, how far back to jump, foot positioning, etc. This may seem small but if you Make “perfect”a habit then you will perform that way in workouts which will result in better workouts, more work done, and less risk of injury. Plus it’s a extra 15 minutes of work before we do the wod.

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