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New schedule!!!


New schedule!!!

Ok guys I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of people in the evening classes has drastically grown, I believe it’s a combo of new members and a more consistant attendance by everyone. All the competitions going on right here in our area and lots of you have been really working hard. Muscle-ups are now a thing we can regularly put in our programming. And back squatting more than your body weight is pretty much all around the room with some of you going well over that ratio. Of coarse we love the growth of the gym but we also want to make sure you guys are getting enough 1 on 1 coaching time so you can continue to get the results that want, so were going to split up the evening classes. A lot of you have been showing up early anyways so you might as well get your work in early and a few of you we’re coming a little late from work so now you’ll be on time! As of next week this will be the new schedule.


6:00 am CF (no Thursday)
12:00 noon CF (no Thursday)
4:00 pm KETTLEBELL & ROWING (m-w-f)
5:00 pm kids fitness (tues thurs)
5:00 pm open gym (m-w-f)
6:00pm CF (no Thursday)
6:45pm CF (no Thursday)

9:00 am crossfit

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