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Nutrition Protocol for 2018…….What do YOU want to reach your goals?


Nutrition Protocol for 2018…….What do YOU want to reach your goals?


There is an old saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

This has always been my line of thinking when asked for nutritional advice. I’ve never seen the value in just telling someone what to eat, and I’ve never even considered “meal prepping” someone else’s food for them. Just like Basin CrossFit is more than just an exercise facility. It’s a place that shows you the best practices for living a healthy lifestyle and teaches you the ways to properly implement them through fitness. Imagine if we only delivered the workout to you through the wodify app and you were left on your own to figure the rest out. You can rest assured that there would be a lot less PR’s going on, a lot less fitness happening, and a completely different environment than the one your exposed to for that 4-6 hours a week. But at the same time, I feel confident sending our athletes the “25 home/hotel workouts” that they can do on their own when they can’t make it to the gym. And this is because of the knowledge and fitness level you have attained while actually in the gym.

Nutrition is no different. You have to be equipped with not only the knowledge but also the mindset, game plan, and have a healthy habits based system in place. In fact the latter is way more effective than the knowledge alone ever will be. While there are some general nutrition guidelines across thebard we can all follow, eat meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit……….you know the rest. Many things are specific and different to everyone. Lifestyle, goals, body type, and careers actually have a huge impact on your nutrition and everyone is a special snowflake, in that sense. With this in mind I have expanded our options on nutrition for Basin CrossFit.

Paleo model and Zone Diet Prescriptions (Free services)

For years CrossFit has supported the Paleo diet and the zone diet as the model for nutrition. And with good merit. Basically the paleo diet restricts certain foods from your diet which usually leads to a lower carbohydrate intake and includes lots of whole foods. This is a great start and often people with no prior focus on nutrition will lose 10-20 lbs just by simply following these guidelines for 4-6 weeks. You will be able to get to a healthy level of body fat and fitness with this model but often when progress plateaus, athletes want more. This is where we implement the zone diet. Zone diet takes specific measurements of proteins, carbs, and fats and recommends a prescription of these macros and calorie intake using a measuring system called “blocks”. By focusing on these exact measurements we can manipulate to reach more specific goals such as higher performance and lower body fat percentages. The zone diet was developed by Dr. Berry Sears and has a plethora of associated health benefits that come along with following it such as reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, and reversing type 2 diabetes.  These 2 diets + a good cookbook pretty much give all the tools needed to live healthy lifestyle. Since one is based on quality of food and one is based on quantity of food, you can combine the 2 together for excellent results. We have ran several paleo + zone challenges in the past. In 2015 Andrew Lyle (2017 male most dedicated athlete of the year), won this challenge by sticking to 100% for a long 12 weeks! I’ve talked to Andrew about this recently and while he hasn’t stayed exact on his measurements since the challenge was over, the knowledge and discipline he learned from the challenge gave him the tools to continue living a healthy lifestyle and to continue progressing in his performance in the gym and life.

Precision Nutrition Procoach program

But, were all snowflakes right? And sometimes these don’t work for some people. For example, If you already eat healthy whole foods, have eliminated high glycemic carbohydrates, and keep sugar out of your diet then switching to a “paleo” model is not going to do much for you. You’re focused on the selection of food, now you need to focus on the quantity of food. But what if you don’t want to prep 3-4 meals with a balanced protein, carb, fat ratio every day?……….then the zone diet won’t work for you either. Does that mean that since you can’t follow the exact prescription you have to go straight to the pizza and little Debbie cake diet? NO!!!You need something that you can sustain. If you can’t do it forever the really what’s the point in doing it at all? Remember were talking LIFESTYLE here. This is where we’ve had some great success with our Precision Nutrition program at Basin CrossFit. The PN program is all about putting small attainable habits in place to have a sound base for nutrition. Of course when your habits are in place then you can start to get more specific with macros, timing, and selection but with a sound base of habits to build on it’s easy to make slight adjustments. The biggest trait of this program seems to also be its largest pitfall……..most people aren’t ready to play the long game, and that’s what it is.

Science says it takes 2 weeks to build a habit. And that’s what PN goes with. Every 2 weeks you learn and practice a new habit and your nutrition coach is there to guide you and hold you accountable the whole way. Eating slowly to 80% full, selecting balanced meals, measurements, timing of meals, sleeping habits, and social life are just a few of the habits that you put in place in this YEAR LONG program. Sometimes it seems slow, but the results for 1 year of accountability are astonishing! Our first Successful PN athlete was actually our very own coach Jake Hantz. Long before Jake was a coach or even a high performing athlete he was a just a new overweight member at the gym. Jake talked to me about nutrition and we decided to go with the long game and work these little habits over the next year. This was in 2012 and Jake has never looked back since. You can read his story here, but even since that blog post Jake has maintained his nutrition protocols and continued to improve his performance by following habits and has never weighed or measured his food. More recently, we had Jessica Hantz (2017 comeback of the year award) participate in the PN program with me while recovering from a severe neck injury and surgery. Jessica was not able to train physically during the majority of that time, but had great progress and results just by focusing on nutrition and following the PN protocols. The PN system may be the long game, but if you stick it through, the knowledge and habits can sustain for the rest of your HEALTHY life. The best part about the PN coaching program, is that is doesnt restrict any style of eating. Once your baseline is set you can use the PN protocols to insure success with any diet such as Carb-cycling, intermittent fasting, ketogenic, calorie counting or macro based to reach certain goals. Your nutrition coach will help you guide you through this journey with continued online support and monthly consults to measure and discuss results. To learn more about our procoach program click the links.

Procoach for Men

Procoach for Women


Now the PN system is definitely a supporter of eating healthy whole foods. It tries to steer away from the actual measuring and counting of calorie intake and macronutrients. Science and experience has also proven that there is some merit to focusing solely on those and allowing you to live a life where no foods are omitted. By having an exact measurement of the quantities of food you can have it allows freedom to eat where, what, and with w

ho you want. Selection and social environment can make stresses that will derail your nutrition if you having to be selective. But by simply following your macro prescriptions, you can still get the results you want. Essentially, have your cake and eat it too. No one is a better advocate of this the former midland resident David Barnett. David’s personal story of progress from an overweight individual to a regional qualifying CrossFit athlete is inspirational to say the least. David used a macro based program to start his journey and then tweaked it into a easy system that he can implement on a daily basis for the rest of his life. David went on to create his online nutrition coaching program, MACROHOLICS. You can read more about his story and program here. I am happy to say the Basin CrossFit is affiliating with David and his Macroholic program. If you feel this is the path you would like to take we can get you set up with David.

Fat-Loss Challenge (Jessica Foster)

Now with programs offering nutrition based on selection, quantity, habits, and prescription we’ve pretty much got them all covered except for one very specific group. This group is the people that have been at or close to their nutrition goals before. Maybe they have always lived a somewhat health conscious diet or maybe even have went all in with a challenge of some sort before. These people know what they want, probably even have a idea of how to get there. But they need a push…….a challenge. This diet is not based on learning how or what to eat and it’s not based on excelling you into a healthy lifestyle and super improved performance. Its sole purpose is rapid fat loss. Who would want this? Well maybe, while you have been following your diet pretty good and you have all the knowledge to eat healthy, you want to kick start some fat loss for the new year. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get down to those low body fat numbers and striving to show off that six pack by summertime. Maybe you have a short fat loss goal for a very specific event such as a wedding or some kind of reunion. We don’t have the time to put you on the long game right now, we need blinders on and a “just tell me what to eat” attitude to get fast results. Sometimes these diets will affect your performance negatively but the satisfaction of reaching your desired body type and appearance will boost you through. Once the 8 week challenge is over you can start working back on a healthy maintenance program and get those habits set in place. Basin CrossFit athlete and awesome fitness trainer Jessica Foster is the best when it comes to these fat loss challenges. She has a system that breaks down when and what to eat and her accountability skills will keep you on point. And the challenge mentality of working through something with a group of people for support has a great benefit as well. We will be kicking off a 8 week fat-loss challenge mid-January, led by Jessica. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is for you.

So many options!!!!!! We are here to help!

So how do we know which one is for you? Well, you ask your fitness professional, your Basin CrossFit coach. We will guide you to decide which program will work best for you to reach your goals! I will be opening up my schedule January 7-14 to sit down with you guys 1 on 1 and discuss which diet YOU want to do. We will follow through our goal setting protocol and ask some questions to see where your starting point for nutrition is. Then we can help you decide. If you’re just looking for a little guidance to start the New Year we will happily explain the paleo and zone models and include a block prescription and all the information you’ll need to follow a 6-8 week pale/zone challenge on your own. If you think the MacrosHolics program is the way you want to go, then we will hook you up with David and provide him with some background info on you and our goals. If you’re ready to make the long game then we will go over monthly options for that. And finally, if you just want to see your abs……, we will hook you up with Jessica to try out the 8 week challenge.

So there you have it. We’ve thrown it all out there for you….every option. One might feel slightly overwhelmed with all these options. “Which one works the best” you might be thinking. Well, the truth is………they all work. The secret is selecting the one that lines up with your goals and lifestyles the best, then sticking to it. Because we all know the diet that “works the best” is the one you can adhere to.

If your ready to get something started on your nutrition path we are here to help you! Use the calendar below to schedule your free consult. Schedule is open all this week and will open back up January 8th-13th. In-person is always better but if you can’t seem to make the time to meet at the gym then let me know and we can set up a phone call. I look forward to helping you all reach your fitness and health goals in 2018!


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