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Enjoyed seeing you guys there at lunch today. Packed house! And awesome workout. Some of you had some not so assuring faces after the nutrition talk, then some of you I know have jumped in 100%. So take this week and play around w/ it figure out your schedule and plan some blocked meals. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask Jeff or myself. Or any of the level 1 trainers jake, Jessica, Fabian, & bobby all have knowledge on the zone diet and can help you out.

After this first week we will issue the challenge and all the details. I will say this much now, it will NOT be a challenge where a reward such as money for winning is the motivation. Instead it will be having to pay repercussions for missing meals either by food choices or proper quantities. So don’t fear if your already started on the blocks this week, your ahead of the pack. And don’t get locked into thinking your on a diet. Think of it as training to teach your self how to eat for life. The challenge just makes it very strict for a period of time and adds a little bit of self discipline but this diet should never be stopped, only manipulated. Also I’d like to take this thing all the into march and through the 5 weeks of the open. It will increase our performance, drop the body fat so we look good for the summer, and help prepare anyone looking into competing in some local events in the summer. After you do it that long and see the results you won’t go back to anything else and will probably discover alot more about yourself. Nutrition is a powerful thing. It is the source of fuel you choose for your body, don’t you want it to be the best? Let’s do this thing together guys!

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