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Paleo winner!


Paleo winner!

Ok guys first I want to mention all the good things I seen this last 30 days. The lunch class has grown and I look foward to working out with those guys every day! The burcham’s have drank the koolaid and are making PR’s everyday! Carrie got her first pullup and added 40lbs to her deadlift. Jack didn’t miss a workout and hit some bodyweight wod world records I believe. Jake and Jessica although cheated here and there, have already accepted the 85-90% paleo lifestyle and the 30 day challenge pushed them into new PR’s and at a lighter bodyweight. Jesse never missed a workout, logged every meal, and added 50lbs to his DL. I seen Zech nail 3 ub muscleups. Fabian with a awesome clean & jerk pr. Caught bobby cheating a couple but he had big performance gains and represented us well at the tough mudder w/ a top 100 time. And christian pushed through a 500+ deadlift that i though was going to put him in convulsions. We all perfected the form for squats, snatches, sq. cleans. I’m so excited about the future of the gym and our health. Remember, now that we’re done with the challenge don’t go out and gorge yourselves or you’ll feel it. Reward yourself but don’t forget all you’ve learned about yourselves during this challenge. With all that being said we must announce the winner! It was tough decision and in the end we decided that it needed to be split between two people. These two people went above and beyond to make sure they ate right and got all the workouts in. Plus one of them went to watch the regionals in San Antonio and the other made us paleo muffins and cupcakes(yes that works). So the winners are:
Jesse &
Carrie Burcham

Awesome job guys, I’m proud of you! The kitty was up to 250$ so we’ll split it between you 125$ a piece.

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