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The Basin  CrossFit First 100 day Journey

 Path to success 

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Basin CrossFit has been serving to permian basin with elite fitness training since 2011. And if there is one thing that we have realized while helping people reach their goals and new potentials. It is that there is NO “one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition or fitness.

Everyone is unique, unique life circumstances, unique backgrounds, and unique challenges.

Group classes are the backbone of Basin CrossFit. The community and team aspect is awesome and helps to motivate and push individuals. There is no doubt it serves everyone for its purpose. But we wanted to meet those UNIQUE challenges. So we began asking what people wanted and monitoring closely with our goal setting sessions. Most people made it clear that they would love to see some type of combination of group classes, 1:1 personal training and nutrition guidance and support.

And that’s where the Basin CrossFit 90 day made  its debut!

When you sit down with one of our amazing coaches to talk about your goals, we will listen and then work with you to create the blueprint to help you get there.  We map out the entire first 100 days of your journey to set you up for success.

Day 0-30
Day 31-60
Day 61-90

We understand how difficult it can be to begin a new routine and we have designed this to help you get past the hardest part of the journey.

The First 90 Days.

You will get a custom prescription to guide you on the path to success that is unique to you.

Whether you are new to fitness, or currently kicking butt we will outline the right path for you, unique to you.

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