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Proper Squat Technique


Proper Squat Technique

The basic air squat is one of the most important fundamental movements in CrossFit. In order to properly perform a back squat, front squat, overhead squat, wall ball and several variations of the Olympic lifts, you have to have proper technique and understanding of the air squat.
The sole purpose of CrossFit isn’t to make super humans. It is to make everyone’s quality of life better! The movements that we perform in the gym, often transfer to every day needs. If you use the bathroom multiple times a day, sit down and stand up out of your seat,  drop something on the ground and need to pick it back up, then you need to understand the body movements required to safely and properly execute a squat.

Click the link below to watch our video to learn how to properly execute a squat from the coaches of Basin CrossFit!

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