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Rest Day!!!


Rest Day!!!

Yes! weve made it to thursday with this new balls to the wall training program and its that much needed rest day. If you missed any other days this week or if your not coming back for friday and saturday go ahead and come in to get it done. But, there will be no structured class. Just open gym 12:00-1:00 and 5:00-7:00. This is the way we will structure our programming from now on. Rest and recovery is just as important as hard work when it comes to gaining strength, increasing cardio, shedding fat, and just being overall awesome. Speaking of being overall awesome, you guys kicked some ass today! Must be the new gym, I think you tend to get to the pullup bar a little faster when your not having to hurdle over people doing burpees, dodge dropping barbells, and run around sweaty medicine balls. HAHAHA! (I said sweaty balls)

You all know that the gym is open everyday before the afternoon wod for open gym 5:30-6:30. This is a time for you guys to either come in early and bust the workout out on your own in case you got your book club (wink, wink, you guys aint fooling me) that night or you want to do a little extra work that day. You could work your core, do a little rowing, practice lifting tecniques, hit a kb circuit, or just come hang out and wipe chalk all over your face I dont really care. With that being said you might have noticed that its taking us every bit of a hour and 15 minutes to get through our workouts and its not due to slacking, just alot of work. Everyone has adapted so well in the last few months that we are at a point I can start really throwing some good stuff in there for you guys we just need a little more time. Sooooo, the group warmup will now start 15 miutes early. Thats 11:45 for the lunch class and 6:15 for the afternoon class. If you cant make it, no worries. I wont yell at you or make you do burpees.(i do that enough already) But, know that you strength training will be more efficient with a proper warmup plus we usually squeeze some good core work and mobility in there too. So if you can come 15 mins early lets do it.

REST up!!!!!!!!!!!!! friday is going to be hard

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