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Return of the blog!!!


Return of the blog!!!

We’re bringing it back! The return of the Basin CrossFit blog. And maybe just maybe some updates to the old boring outdated website w/ old pictures of Me screaming & working out w/ bad form. AND! Talking about updates, wait till you guys see the gym tomorrow! Jeff made some changes today and I think your going to like it. Also tomorrow some thing I’m super excited about, Fabian Aguirre will be your coach for the 6:30 class and he will be joining our coaching staff for a regular schedule. Fabian was working out with me when I discovered what crossfit was, he’s always been either on my heels or just ahead of me through 90% of the wods. He’s been cfl1 for a year and has been helping people at the gym every day, he is strong as hell and runs like a big ass gazelle, super nice guy but still intimidating as hell, his mustache is freaking awesome, and he calls himself the beast. Yep, sounds like a perfect coach for the BC crew. Glad your with us sir!

And now, the first workout of the next 12 weeks of your life. New cycle starts Monday! Start it off right! Get ready to get strong!!!!!

Strength : c & j 3×1 @ 70%
Front squat 5×3 @ 75%

X-tra strength work: (come in open gym 5:00-6:30 for xtra)
Snatch 3×1 @ 70%
Sn. Pull 3×3 @ 95%
Sn. DL 3×3 @ 100%

Conditioning :
50 d.u.
21 front squat 115/65
21 c2b
30 d.u
15 front squat 115/65
15 c2b
20 d.u
9 front squat 115/65
9 d.u
Rest 1:00
400 meter sprint

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