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(5min) Quick Game of Downward Dog Freeze Tag Game to Warmup

For every 10 people playing, one person will be the ‘tagger.’ . Every time they tag someone, that person needs to freeze in a Downward Dog position. Anyone can ‘unfreeze’ them by diving through under them. They are then free to run around again. We’ll play for a few minutes, then switch out the taggers with different people.

(10min) Partner Shoulder Mobility and Stability Work

1. While Partner 1 performs 10 wall slides , Partner 2 performs 5 x rounds standing letters with plates drill.


2. 10 Partner wall slides each

3. 30sec-1min each partner lying arm lifts

4. While Partner 1 holds a light DB overhead for 30sec each side, Partner 2 performs under the body stretch , 30sec each side.


Wod prep

(5min) Review Barbell Movements

With an empty barbell, as a group, perform:

6 Lunges (no barbell)

6 Press + hold in front rack for 5 sec between each lift

6 Lunges with barbell on back rack

6 Push press

(10min) Prep for Workout

3 Kick up to handstand + hold for 5sec, kick down. SCALE to walk feet up the wall OR plank getdown/getups.

3 Negative handstand strict lowers to head on ground/abmat. SCALE to 6 slow pike pushups.

6 Overhead walking lunges

4 Push press

* Add load from empty barbell (if you are doing Rxd).

3 Strict handstand pushups. SCALE to slow, controlled box pike pushup OR pike pushup.

3 Kipping handstand pushups. SCALE to workout modification.

6 Overhead walking lunges

4 Push press

* Use working weight.

6 more kipping handstand pushups or use workout modification here.


Metcon (Time)


12 Parallette HSPU

10 Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges (115/95lbs)

8 Push Press

90sec Front Rack Hold

5 Rounds

Metcon (Time)



10 Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges (95/65lbs)

8 Push Press

90sec Front Rack Hold

5 Rounds

Metcon (Time)


12 Pike Pushups

10 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges

8 Push Press

60sec Front Rack Hold

5 Rounds


Metcon (Time)

For time:

20 cal Assault bike

50 Wallball (30/20)

10 Bar muscle ups

20 cal Row
– Goal is under 6 minutes or faster. Can you get the bar muscle ups in one set?

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 rounds for individual times:

1 mile Assault bike sprint

– Rest 6 minutes
– Goal is to hold the fastest pace across the 4 rounds as possible. Record round times.

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