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In a Hell Yes culture, maybe can not survive


In a Hell Yes culture, maybe can not survive

We are building a culture, not selling memberships. And in our culture there is no room for maybe.

Maybe is where the big globo gyms strive. “maybe i’ll go to the gym today”, “maybe I will start monday”, “maybe next year I’ll get serious”. And for $10-$25 a month, maybe is just fine. Maybe you will, probably you won’t, but we’ll just keep paying to be safe. That’s what they want, a book full of members and clean, shiny, EMPTY, gym. This build no culture, it just exploits people’s weaknesses. Sure there are some healthy and fit people in globo gyms but next time your in one, really look around and see how many. You’ll notice most of them are the trainers and maybe one or two members, who no doubt will be friends with the trainers. Basin Crossfit wants you in the gym. 3-6 x a week depending on the goals we have set for you. We want you getting better in the gym and applying it outside the gym. We like athletes, weekend warriors, and people that understand the value in a little grit and hard work. By no means do we over work our athletes, in fact we go above and beyond to educate and supplement in mobility and recovery work. But there is a certain amount of sacrifice towards some things that need to be made in order to give such care and concern about your health and your body.

When it comes to your health your either saying “hell no” or “HELL YES”. Anything else is a maybe, and we don’t have time for that here at Basin CF. Do you want to live a long healthy life? “Hell YES” Do you want to push your self daily for personal growth and development? “Hell YES!” Do you want to wear a swim suit at the pool and leave your oversized t-shirt over the top for the rest of your life?”Hell no!” Do you want the confidence of being the strongest and fastest person in the room where ever you go? “you can bet your ass I do!” And that’s where we need to be, all the way down to our pre-workout attitude. You ready for Fran today? Hell yes, bring it on! Cherry picking is a maybe, get that outta here. Skipping days because your tired, stressed, “too busy”…..those are all maybes. Where there is a will there is a way, and maybe has no will. Get a hell yes in there! Try it next time you see a workout that your immediate response is a negative one. Take a breath and give me a big “Hell Yes!”, then see how much better you’ll be for it. This is our culture.

Back when basin crossfit first opened we posted our workouts up on the website. Most boxes did. We wanted people to look and be impressed with the “crazy” stuff we were doing. No one really knew what 21-15-9 meant or even what a thruster or sdhp was, we weren’t worried about people just doing our program at other gyms we were just trying to spread the word about this high intensity fitness. Globo or home gyms didn’t have bumpers, rigs, kettlebells, med-balls, or most of the equipment we used. Fast forward to present day and crossfit is a house hold name. Functional fitness has hit the mainstream and it’s cool to be in shape again. Which is AWESOME! Big Mission accomplished for all health and fitness professionals. But Basin CrossFit doesn’t post our wods up anymore. It’s not because I’m scared to lose business or that someone might just be doing our wods at there home gym. It’s because it doesn’t fit our culture. Basin Crossfit sales coaching, that’s what we do and why we are here. Every globo gym now has a crossfit setup, and probably much nicer and cleaner one at that. Have you ever seen 20 people under the rig just getting after it beast mode? Nope, that why its so shiny. Its not there culture to celebrate hard work, they are just selling access sale. We sale coaching. I don’t want someone to think that the program is our “secret sauce” because its not. I believe that most trainers and box owners such as myself have went through a rigorous time in there life were coaching and programming is all we did. Crossfit HQ holds a pretty high standard and to really want to succeed in this business you need to have a passion for learning and teaching. I’ve spent countless hours listening to podcasts, audio books, reading, being involved in chatrooms, attending seminars and certifications and I’m sure that most box owners have done the same. We can all program, and if you can’t theres program online you can purchase thats even better. is the founder and leader of the whole program and has posted a workout in 3 day on/1 day off cycle everyday since 2002! 15 years of free workouts straight from the source! So unless its just absolutely horrible and causes more injury and pain then results, programming should not be the reason you choose a gym. All coaches probably have some different tweaks and variables in training but it all works if your following the principle guidelines and doing one HELL YES job of coaching it. Coaches should be able to watch an athlete and teach, see, know correct, and deliver the information every rep while retaining information for the other 12 athletes in class and deliver to them at the right time too. It’s a high skilled task that takes a trained eye and a passionate person to deliver that quality. And that the standard at Basin CrossFit, that’s the culture! We sale coaching! Any barbell can hold up to 500lbs, but without coaching you’ll ever need it to.

Get off of maybe! Haven’t been in 2 months and still paying? That’s a maybe, I need a hell yes or hell no. Not seeing results because you only come once a week? I don’t care about your excuse, its a maybe. Yes or No. This is why we check up on our athletes. We send out emails every time someone is absent more than 2 weeks, we need to get you off maybe. Because maybe is long drawn out process of quitting and just like i mentioned in my last article referring to the crossfit sickness to wellness continuum, doing less = getting sicker. And we don’t have sick in our culture. We build em up or let them choose the “hell no”.Basin CrossFit has grown exponentially over the last year, and I value that culture that i’ve inspired in our coaches and athletes. I don’t know when or what the number will be as of right now but, but I believe there is a cap on how many people Basin Crossfit can serve to maintain that culture. When that day comes I will gladly cut off membership in order to maintain the “hell yes” and we will have the most influencing, inspiring, and accomplished group you could ever call your workout partners. Hell yes were in and were ALL the way in! Thats our culture! I Hope you are with us when that happens!

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