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Thursday- felt a little inspired today, read it!


Thursday- felt a little inspired today, read it!

I usually dont post on wedensday nights but im still all jacked up after watching the intensity in all your eyes. You guys turned it on tonight and you should be proud of yourselves. Ive never seen that many people hit the ground like that at the sound of the bell. That means you guys gave it your all and that makes me happy. Like i’ve said before, im not punishing you or getting pleasure out of watching you guys just grind yourselves into the ground. Im just making you awesome! With that being said…………

I got to thinking, why is the only health news you hear about in our modern society negative? Yes the majority of america is a fat, unconditioned, inmobile, waste of a human body. But where is all the good stuff. I mean there’s no denying that everyone is fat, just go to wal-mart and people watch for an hour. You really learn some shit about the mechanics of the human body by watching fucked up people. BUT again, if its that obvious why is it the only thing we read in the news. And along with that is all the info to fix it. Which happens to be the worst info ever.(i could get off on another whole subject here, but maybe another day) But WHY? is it because we’ve all accepted that we as humans are fat, and we must do something to change that? I mean really if everyone just ate right and lived an active lifestyle they would be in perfect health. Only athletes would need to work out to supplement thier training as a profession. AHHHHH yes and there is the answer to my question, why.

What is a athlete? somebody with athletic ability: somebody with the abilities to participate in physical exercise, especially in competitive games and races. Were humans made for this type of behavior?, no. We were made to survive. “hunters and gatheres” right? So us becoming these super athletes today is an adaptation of our survival traits manifesting in a modern society as competition. So it is naturally occuring but it is an adaptation. Just like the way weve all (society in general) have adapted to our modern diet by getting fat and unhealthy. The body adapts, you dont use it you lose it. Simple as that. But what I see on the complete other end of the spectrum of adaptation is the positive, the healthy adaptations. The adaptations I see in everyone of you guys when you come in the gym and say “Ill never do a pullup” and I say yes you will. And we work that pullup w/ a band. You adapt, that bands to easy now so you get a lighter one. Its hard at first but you stick with it and then its easy. Finally one day its so easy, you take off all bands and jump on the bar and do your first unassisted pullup! Youve adapted, but you dont stop. You persistantly keep with it till 12 months later the time has flown by youve kept up your training and you adapted, now your doing mutiple pullups or muscle ups. It never stops adapting, its quite amazing. And just like the pullup if you consistantly eat bad food choices and live a unhealthy lifestyle the body will adapt negativly.

So there is lots of fat people, but there is still more healthy people then there is the type of fat people that they gotta remove walls to get them out there house. So why is that what we hear in the news? Call me strange but theres a certain happiness that you get when you hear a story that someone either died had a near death experience by pursuing thier dream. Man wants to go to space, people died making that shit happen. Adaptation. People want to start swimming oceans and jumping out of planes w/ squirrel suits on, someones gonna die along the way but we adapt and do it. Thats a motivating story of human inspration of triumph. The latter, someone adpats to eating fast food every day by having a fullblockage heart attck is not so insperational. But yet, that is what we hear on the news. Look at the amazing things humans are doing, look at the crossfit games! That shit is legit. We’ve figured out a way to push our bodies to a level that would normally only be attainable through natural human hormonal responses triggered by the fear of death! Thats right death. Why else would you ever work your body into such a broke down state that your in after a WOD? If it wasnt for the sake of competition I would have to be chased by a dinosaur through a fire pit with a bomb strapped to my chest and the only chance for survival is to get to home base first, to get to the state that im feeling after doing a “kalsu” or whatever that wad was we did today. But were adapting, In this new style we strive to win and the only way to win is to compete, adaptation. Thats why we got these fucking crazy dudes and chicks now doing under 1:00 fran times and shit (not in my gym obviously). They are a new breed of athlete because they have adapted. We’ve also figured out the science of nutrition and can fuel our bodies to be able to recover from these extreme energy expenditures we call workouts.Thats a huge adaptaton! Really, that’s all a workout is adapting to a better one. Everyday, every rep.

So to wrap this whole thing up, I think we see the bad adaptations in the news because the majority of society can relate to it. Were all fat and could see oursleves plunging into junk food and watching tv all day till we grow so big they have to tear down the house to get us out. Thats a easier reality to accept vs. picking ud 500+ lbs of the ground 5 times and then running a exreme distance at a ridiculously fast pace. But the more we keep working, and the faster we get, and the stronger we get, we can slowly change the world. Keep making noise, keep slamming down those bars in pure exhaustion and let out those profane screams of agony as you adapt and make what is once hard easy! Bring humans back to being humans move, play, & enjoy life. Ignore the fast food and it will go away, educate the ones who have made the wrong choices and help them adapt positivly. No not everyone needs to be doing crazy experimental workouts, but for the ones that choose to venture out and fullfill there inner cravings of survival and self satisfaction of overcoming adversity and prevailing as a ultimate human being you go out there and fucking do it! I know I do every day. And If along the way I influence a positive adaptation on the health of human kind then fuck yeah.

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