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Thursday workout!!!


Thursday workout!!!

Yes its thursday and yes were working out today, gotta burn off all the candy corn and what better way to do so then 3x5minute AMRAPS. Oh yeah everybodys favorite and a weekly staple at Basin CrossFit. Have ya’ll noticed the amount of weight being thrown around at the gym lately? Holy crap guys, were seriously getting strong. Our conditioning as a whole has always been good,  but even there Ive seen huge improvements! Ive summed it up to a couple things.

1. NEW GYM W/ MORE SPACE– could you imagine trying to do last tuesday nights wod at the old gym? Not even possible. We made such a mess of kettlebells, bars, bumpers, rowers, jump ropes, and sweat. Its like your all a bunch of kids that have been doing bookwork all day and 6:30 is play time. And I mean that in a good way, its awesome! Pull those fucking toys out and play. Thats how we get stronger, better, faster, and have a good time while doing it.

2. CORE STRENGTH & STABILITY – for about 2 months now ive been slowly introducing new core movements in and we’ve even taken a couple saturdays where 1/2 the day was discussion and application of the core. I wont make you all read it again right here but just remember the core is the first thing to fail 9 out of 10 times in a heavy lift or in a fatigued state. When the core fails, posture goes out the window. This leaves either you lower back arched, abdomnal wall extended, or your shoulders slumped. All your power dumps out at that weak link and you either miss the lift or push through with some kind of horrible compensation which usually ends in injury or some kind of unnecessary soreness. So you see, if your core doesnt fail neither does your power which the result is awesomeness. The current program we are running has 20 mins of core work twice a week plus the regular movements that pop up in conditioning and remember that term I always say? “core to extremity” so every time you press, squat, run, swing, sneeze, fart, or poop it all starts in the core. So tighten that shit up and lift.

3. GOOD AWESOME COACHES – Its the truth guys. Jeff and I were fully certified, knowledgable, experienced coaches when we started Basin CrossFit but it didnt stop there.  We trulyhave a desire and drive to be the best gym and to give you guys the best quality of service we can. We spend any extra time we have filling our brains with more and more knowledge about the human body. We study and examine the smallest  details and then apply them in our own training. Using our bodies as guinea pigs to forge your elite fitness. I can honestly say that Ive learned more in the last year through continued education (books, videos, articles, studies, seminars, certifications) and experience than Ive learned in the last 10 years of being in this line of work. (yes 10 years fuckers! I started a kinesiology degree at utpb in 2002) and we will continue to get better and learn more ways to increase your quality of life as long as you guys are here listening to us. As a matter of fact, I happen to know that after november 11 Jeff and I will be the only CF trainers in the area with a CF prep coarse certificate and a couple months after that we will be traveling to dallas for the OUTLAW training camp to get some hands on experience with some of the top athletes and coaches in CrossFit.

So this is all really good stuff! You guys are awesome, now get to work!


– high bar Back squat 1rm – 15 mins

– Clean & jerk – 80% 3×1 emotm

rest 60 sec

– Snatch – 75% 3×1 emotm

rest 60 sec

– Clean pull – 95% (of clean) 3 x 3 emotm

rest 60 sec

– Clean deadlift – 105% (of clean ) 3 x 3 emotm


3×5 minute amrap 2:00 break

weights are 95/65

yes that last round says butterfly pullups so thats what I want. Ask and we will help you.

rd1                                      rd2                                 rd3

200 row/run             200 row/run            200 row/run

snatch x 10             jumping back sq x 10     thruster  x 10

ball slams x 10           lateral burpees  x10    butterfly pullups x 10

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