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rest day……..wait tuesday was a rest day, damn holidays got me all screwed up. Were hitting a WOd tomorrow. Open gym format so if you guys want to show up and do it early then go for it. Nice to see everyone there today, WODS were semi-good and you all look like you been glutonizing to the max and drinking like fish. I know you guys, you bunch of rascals.No serioously though we had quite a few prs on fran more than I can count on 1 hand so I aint going to name em all, but you know who you are and good job! Mile run sucked like always and next time that damn dog is out there…………….well I’ll get that taken care of. So I gave you the breakdown, that was a test. We’ll get this zone/paleo challenge going soon and we can hit it again at the end. Everyone will get a sub-5:00 fran next time. Not that far away from it!


snatch+hang power+ ovhd squat x 3 @ 70%
snatch+power snatch+ovhd sq x 2 @ 75%
snatch 3×1 @ 90%+

snatch pull 5×5 @ 100-110%

double kb fron squat/dbl kb swing 5×5

cleans 185/135

50 box jumps for time

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