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Tri-PT and Basin Crossfit work together for your health and community


Tri-PT and Basin Crossfit work together for your health and community


How did the Tri-physical PT and Basin Crossfit partnership come about?

Some of you may just think Fonz and I have been friends for a while and so we refer clients to each other, and some of you may have no idea who Fonz or Tri-PT is. So this story is aimed to give you a little history of how this partnership came to be a little over 3 years ago. I also want highlight some of the awesome things we have going on in our community here at Basin Crossfit and how it effects your health and fitness.

First thing I want to share is the vision I have for Basin CrossFit.

Coaching, results, program, and accountability are important…….real important. But those things are in place. I’ve wrote previously about our 4 pillars of success we use at Basin. Goal setting, assessing, programming, and technology. I’ve spent countless hours making sure those things were right where we needed them to have the best PRODUCT available, and there is systems in place to make sure those pillars will always be evolving and progressing as we learn more in the future. But this story is about product. It’s about you, the people. My vision is to have a community of people that constantly network and assist each other, I want Basin Crossfit to be your hub of health and fitness but also for business connections, social circles, and professional services. Basin Crossfit is full of professionals. Business owners, managers, engineers, and workers can all benefit by networking with each other. I’ve set several of you up with each other in the past, especially as our economy has picked up drastically in the last year. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service industry workers like myself also have a niche that most people can benefit from. At Basin we have hair stylists, make-up tattoo artist, nail salons, retailers, and much more that can help you. Dr’s, Nurses, and therapist all network with each other at Basin and also give our people someone they can trust when it comes to medical.  We’ve had teachers, officers, fire-men, and veterans all through our doors. Contractors, electricians, plumbers, and handy men all from our gym have helped me in different situations. Anytime there is something I need done or maybe have a question on, I turn to you guys first. I’m always asking myself “who in my network would have the most knowledge on this”. And many of you have helped me find the solution. This is my vision, the best training facility and program available and the best community one could ever be a part of, and that can only happen if I share this vision with all of you.




So back to TRI-PT. About 3 ½ years ago Alfonso Garcia (Fonz) gave me a call. He had just opened Tri-PT up in Odessa and was doing a lot of cold calls trying to get in with different local groups. Even back then I was always evolving my 4 pillars of success, so as soon as I found out he was a PT and interested in coming in to talk to my community I jumped on it. We set up a time for Fonz to come in one afternoon and talk to everyone as well as do a few assessments and spread some knowledge about movement. It didn’t take very long for me to see that Fonz and I were very eye to eye on a lot of subjects. We both could nerd out for days on the science behind human potential. Him from a movement standpoint, and me from more of a performance view. We also had a passion for helping people. I learned that Fonz had previously worked for a big PT company, and while he would be considered successful on many levels, satisfaction with his impact on the world was not up to PAR. I could totally relate, I had learned many years ago when I first got into the fitness industry the current model of a personal trainer, or “clipboard cowboys” as I called them, was not going to work for me. A little side note is that I learned later Fonz had reached out to every gym and CrossFit box in the midland/Odessa area……and I was the only one who responded back?! Crazy! After his visit a couple of members and myself would start to see him pretty regularly for whatever issues we had, and Fonz started to really get into crossfit. When I discovered Fonz was a former triathlon athlete, I jumped on the opportunity to get some of that experience knowledge. Of course I do things a little differently than most people, I signed up for a 100 mile ultra-marathon and then challenged him to do it with me. He agreed?!?! Crazy, I know! So we set out to accomplish this thing which resulted in A LOT of time running and talking with each other. For about 4-5 months we were covering 20+ miles a week together. More seeing eye to eye. Fonz started looking to set up a location in midland, and I happily obliged with a sub-lease opportunity at Basin Cryo. This is about the time Fonz decided to get his Crossfit L-1 and a little later CF mobility certifications. This is when we really started putting his service into Basin Crossfit. He was helping us coach and providing a weekly class on mobility. Now I’m not talking about wrapping yourself in rubber bands and humping a foam roller, I’m talking real mobility. He would explain the process in great detail and give your something to walk away with and start applying to your DAILY movement.




Fast forward 3-4 years to the present and we have built something really awesome in terms of a partnership between Basin Crossfit, Basin Cryo, and tri-physical PT. Injuries happen. Not just in CrossFit, but in life. In fact, that’s why we do crossfit and all the “functional movement” and “general physical preparedness” to make us better prepared for life and less prone to injury. But were still human, and sometimes we do stuff wrong and tweak something. Everytime that happens, in or outside the gym, I send you guys to Fonz to get checked out. Not because he’s my friend, but because I want the best for you, and Fonz can provide it. I’m not against doctors, but a lot of time they are against “crossfit”. We can save the why discussion for another debate, but there is still a stigma out there with most medical professionals think “Crossfit” is about working yourself to hard and incorrectly which leads to injury. You know that’s not true because your in the gym with us every day getting better, you’ve seen the power of CrossFit and experienced the life benefits and results, you believe in me and our staff at BCF. So when you get a tweak of some sort and go see your dr. and then he finds out you do CrossFit, the first thing he will say is “better lay off CrossFit for right now”. Now the problem with this is that movement is the number one thing you need at that moment. In fact mobility, blood flow, and proper nutrition are the 3 key factors to injury recovery. All things that we do at Basin. I seen Fonz actually pull a hamstring during a sprint practice one day, he immediately went over to the row machine a forced out over 1000 meters of light pulls, some active stretches, and then some muscle flossing, (all things we do regularly in warmup at BCF) he then went over to Basin Cryo and did a whole body cryo session and about an hour of compression. The next day his hamstring was already on the repair process and after about 2 -3 weeks he was back at 100%, never skipped a workout. Had he done so, his healing process would have not only taken longer but his fitness would have suffered greatly making it harder to return to 100%. So your dr. means well but he’s actually taking the number one thing you have going for you away. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t know that we have your best interest at heart and the knowledge to assess your movement and give you a proper scale to not only keep your workout going, but also make you heal faster. And since he doesn’t understand what CrossFit is, he doesn’t understand how it can help you. Plus that dr. is not going to call me up and say “hey I think Franky’s back is hurting due to sciatica, we might need to stop straining the low back for a bit” But Fonz will, and then I’ll follow up with “I’m sure that aggravation is coming from lack of core strength and stability, what do you think if we trade out those deadlifts by holding a static plank and build up his core every time we have a deadlift motion in the workout?” Now we have a team working together for not just your fitness……but your health. Now your not de-railing everything you’ve gained because a small back injury, and we can identify what lead to that problem and work towards fixing it. Follow up session with Fonz and we can measure progress and see when or how we can get back to safely picking things up off the ground. A lot of times were going to find it’s not the workout stuff you’re doing that set you up for injury, it’s the NON-workout stuff like sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day, driving 500 miles a day, carrying 50-60 lbs of excessive body fat, standing on concrete for 5 hours in work boots with no arch, or maybe just lack of ability to touch your toes. At most your dr will only be able to prescribe pills for inflammation and pain and tell you what to NOT do instead of what you should do. Again, I’m not against doctors. But preventative care is the best way to avoid sickness and injury. Crossfit is the best preventative care available, and we don’t want you to take that away every time you get a tweak. We want you to let Fonz“untweak” you and then come up with a plan to fix and prevent whatever it is.





You won’t find Fonz in the coaching spot anytime soon at Basin, he’s just gotten too busy at his craft. But you will find him working out with us in the noon class weekdays or on Saturday mornings. You can also always find him at Basin Cryo on Mondays and Fridays or at his Odessa Parks Legado location tues/Thurs. You can contact him through his website at

His website has a very informative blog with mobility and therapy exercise videos as well as a monthly newsletter and very active FB profile where you can learn lots more about his service and correcting human movement.

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