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Hey first day of the new schedule went perfect! Like i said, don’t fear that since we knocked off 15 minutes of class that we won’t get our strength work done and were just smashing 20 minute wods everyday. There will still be ample amounts of cleaning, jerking, snatching, and squatting. And we will continue to be the kings of 5-7 minute wods. There’s just a sense of urgency to get it done now instead of lollingaging and shooting the shit. And we’re going to be breaking through that threshold more often with longer wods here and there and a couple days focused on skills. If you want to compete there are some things you gotta have. Kipping HSPU, butterfly’s, high rep double unders, mups, pistols, dip kips, just to name a few. So look for these things in the future for the skill session of class.

10 minutes
50 double unders
25 sit-ups

400 meter run
10 thrusters
20 pull-ups

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