Tuesday – Basin CrossFit
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Every 30 seconds for 10 rds (alternate)
10 clapping push-ups
10 kb swings (heavy)

Clean & jerk

For time:

Buy in: 20 HSPU
Deadlift x 10 275/155
K2e x 10
Deadlift x 10
K2e x 10
Dead lift x 10
K2e x 10
Buy out : 100 double unders

Knees to elbows (k2e) is one of the most cheated exercises in crossfit. Knees to elbows, not knees to triceps or knees to some random crunch area. Just like a t2b you extend in the bottom and as you kip into a pull you “crunch” and drive your knees to your elbows. In my personal opinion they are harder then t2b when done correctly because you have a longer isometric hold on the abdominals during the “crunch” or squeeze vs. turning upside down and kicking the bar. Either way, do them right.

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