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Expect more running! We have been neglecting it and man was it difficult today, the heavy kettlebell snatches didnt help and nobody had good t-2-b. Sorry guys its the truth. K-2-e is not knees to triceps,biceps, armpits, or anything elses. Just to the elbows. You gotta kip and squeeze that core as you drive your knees up and bring them to the points of your elbows. We’ll be working on these and the pistols while standing on the kettlebell………..hahaha not really. Oh and a side note, jeremy did have those k-2-e down and its because of the way he kips his pullups.


8 rd tabatta

kb swings

split jumps


3 rds

hspu x 5

pullups x 10

hollow rocks x 15

medball clean x 20


12 min amrap

front squat x 5 225/155

burpees x 20

push press x 10 135/95

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