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Warmup : animal walks
Down the length of the rouge rack x 3 each
1. Bear crawl
2. Alligator
3. Giraffe
4. Gorilla
5. Inchworm
6. Cartwheels


15 minutes of handstand holds and walks practice
Start wherever your are on progressions, remember wall walks, nose and toes, and the handstand walk progressions. If your already somewhat efficient with these moves then do 5:00 of cumulated hs holds and walk the length of the rack x 2.

3 rds not for time
Strict pull-ups x sub max
Swiss ball dumbell chest press x 10 (advanced guys can use bench press if available)
Ghd sit-ups x 25

For time
Thrusters x 21 95/65
Run 400
Thrusters x 15 95/65
Run 200
Thrusters x 9
Double unders x 75

Extra work: aerobic capacity – best done as a separate session (two a days)

6 x 500 meter row sprints @ your 3k pace
* each sprint is immediately followed by 15 unbroken wallballs 25/20
2:00 rest between each round

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