Tuesday – Basin CrossFit
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That was nothing but pure awsomeness tonight!
We had some PR’S on the lifts and one badass workout! Thankyou to everyone that came to take part in the video. Special thanks to stephan Tippet for shooting it all. Dont forget stephan will be joining us at basin crossfit, and judging the way he did a few double unders and walked on his hands tonight without any previous training I think he’s going to fit in just fine. I also discovered that the best teaching tool I can use on you guys is to put a camera in your face. I didnt see one bad rep (execept dakotas barbell/ kettlebell swing close grip snatch, SMH) In fact some of you did the best snatches I have ever seen you do. Intensity was high, performance was good, and the form was perfect. Couldnt ask for more guys, thankyou!


Ill have it at the gym tomorrow, if you didnt prepay I ordered a very limited amount for display so get them fast! I cant say enough about this product. Best taste, mixability, and most of all recovery! Good stuff guys!

Going to one of our classic workouts and my personal favorite

back squat 3*3*3*2*2*1

overhead squat 3 x 10
glute hams 3 x 10
strict t2b 3 x 10

rd 1 x 3
200 meter run
10 snatches 115/75
10 pullups

rd 2 x 3
200 meters
10 power cleans 135/95
10 burpees

rd 3 x 3
200 meters
10 ball slams
10 split jumps

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