Tuesday – Basin CrossFit
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Im Really impressed by everyone’s technique tonight. Don’t forget about the team workout this Saturday, we encourage you to bring a friend along too! We’re almost out of this depressing time we call winter. Then it’s back to running without flashlights, being home before the sun goes down, and basin crossfit pool parties………ok, we never had those but if anyone has a pool speak up! BBQ is paleo! Oh yeah , and we’ve had several cheaters this week including myself. Don’t lie guys, it only cheats yourself. I’ll see y’all post-workout on Friday for the extra work. Looks like its gonna be 135/95 thrusters x 50 this week. Look at the goal ahead guys. Lean, strong, and fucking awesome is only about 11 weeks away. And the open is only 1 month away!

Snatch 1rm (20 minutes)

For time:
Clean & Jerk x 4 205/135
Kbs x 21 70/53
Ring push-ups x21
Clean & jerk x 6 185/115
Kbs x 15 70/53
Ring push-up x 15
Clean & jerk x 8 155/105
Kbs x 9 70/53
Ring push-up x 9
Clean & jerk x 10 135/95

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