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(10min) Gymnastics Complex #1

10 Situp to Pike

10 Situp to Pancake

10 Toe Point to Inverted Pike

10 Rolling Pistols (5 each side) — Scale to Roll to Two Foot Stand, or if people have trouble with that, scale to a 1min Hollow Rock or Knee Tuck Hold.

1min L-Sit Hold — The goal is to hold continuously for the 1min. Scale to tuck or one foot support as needed.

1min V-Outs — The goal is move through these continuously for 1min. Scale the ROM as needed.

(5min) With a PVC:

Wod prep

3-5 x 5 reps

3-5 x 3 reps


Clean and Jerk (5-3-1)

RX+ & rx

Clean and Jerk (5-5-5)



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Max 1,000m Row

Rest 3 minutes

Max reps Front squat (135/95)

Rest 3 minutes

Max 500m Row

Rest 2 minutes

Max reps Front squat (135/95)

Rest 2 minutes

Max 250m Row

Rest 1 minutes

Max reps Front squat (135/95)

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